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First of all, happy birthday, Donald Duck!

Second of all, yesterday was Celeste's wedding. It was definitely an interesting day. All the week, the temperatures were in the mid-nineties, until Friday, when it got up to around a hundred. Yesterday, it was a hundred and nine degrees. Perfect weather for an outdoor wedding, right? Fortunately, our theory proved sound once again, and as soon as our bodies registered "too hot" we didn't notice exactly how too hot it was. Unfortunately, I was still on limited lung capacity from my cold. So we showed up early to help set up (actually, mostly because Mom and Steve were our ride, and they had agreed to go early, but we don't mind helping), and we started moving things around.

Nothing too exciting happened (except for Logan being really cute, but that's not news) until the groom showed up and we started setting out the...I guess they're called favors? The gifts for the guests, as opposed to the wedding gifts for the happy couple. See, Celeste managed to get her husband interested in the wedding planning by taking advantage of the fact that he's a huge Legend of Zelda fan. (This is only slightly irksome to us, because Athena's been playing The Legend of Zelda since before Celeste had the attention span for video games, and now she's going around all like, "I'm his Zelda!" and we're like, "Whatever." That's okay, though, because there are many different Zeldas, so I guess she can be one of them.) So for the guests, they found a place that would put a picture of them on soda bottles. They got blue soda and red soda to represent the two kinds of potions from the original Zelda game, probably because the bottles for those potions look more like soda bottles, as opposed to wider bottles in Link to the Past and on. They also put two candles on the table, and made a little cut-out of the guy that gives Link his first sword, along with a printout of the phrase, "It's dangerous to go alone. Take this."

So that was pretty fun, and then people started showing up and the mingling began. We managed to have a pretty good balance of interesting conversation and keeping an eye on Logan, which was very nice. About fifteen minutes after the five-minute warning, the ceremony started. Bishop G from the ward we used to be in was officiating, and he asked Dad (who had flown in with his wife) to give an opening prayer. I wondered if this was Dad's small consolation for Celeste choosing to let Steve give her away. Athena came up with the idea that she could be all progressive and have Athena and me give her away, thus potentially sparing the feelings of both father figures, but by then the awkward phone call had already been made. It was an interesting discussion that ensued, though, because we were like, "Well, technically, since she's already been married, she doesn't belong to her father anymore anyway...maybe we should have her ex-husband do it!" (<--obviously a joke)

Anyway, then the procession started. At her bachelorette party, Celeste had mentioned that none of the people who told her they'd give her music had given her any music, so we pulled out Mom's copy of Skyward Sword and showed her the Hyrule Symphony CD it came with. Disappointingly, she didn't use any of it for the reception, but she did use the Kakariko Village theme for all the pre-bride marching peoples. First came Sarah, the matron of honor, with Logan as ring-bearer. They put the rings in a little treasure chest--it was super cute. After making it to the arch (where Bishop and the groom were standing), Logan gave the groom a big hug, and then went to sit with Mom. Next came the groom's cousin, the best man, with his Logan's-age daughter as the flower girl. She had a little basket with cloth petals, but she didn't really know what to do with them, so she just carried the basket, which was cute enough. Athena tells me one petal fell. The best man took his place next to the groom, and the flower girl went to sit with one of the groom's sisters.

Then there was some confusion with the music, but when it got worked out, they started a piano arrangement of "Here Comes the Bride." Then Celeste and Steve stepped out, and I really wish I'd thought to be watching the groom when she showed up, but we did look at him soon after that and he looked so, so happy. Sarah (who was watching him the whole time) told us he said, "Wow." Celeste was really pretty in the dress (but we weren't surprised, because her friends made her try it on for us at the bachelorette party last week). She and Steve walked very slowly down the aisle, then Steve took a seat, and Bishop took over.

There was a little bit of speech-making...I didn't really bother to remember it, because I think it's the same kind of thing we hear at church and read on Facebook all the time. Stuff about how it's not just about finding Mr./Miss Right, it's about being Mr./Miss Right, working hard at it, choose your love and love your choice, your spouse's happiness should be your top priority, but being married is the awesomest thing ever, etc. etc. (I'm not trying to make light of these ideas--I think they're really good ones. I just feel like they've been covered other places.)

Then Bishop asked each of them if they take the other to be their spouse, they said I do, and then they had a little ring ceremony, and then they kissed and we all clapped! Yay!

A little while later, people started showing up for the reception, and it was pretty much the same as what happened before the wedding (talking, keeping an eye on the kids), only with finger foods. And more kids. At one point they brought the cake out (it had been in a freezer somewhere so it wouldn't melt in the 109 degree heat), and it was really cute, with little fondant sculptures of Link and Zelda on top. They looked like the child versions from Ocarina of Time. But people didn't pay nearly as much attention to that as they did to the bride and groom's decision to get a picture of themselves jumping in the pool. (Oh, I forgot to mention, this was held Sarah's in-laws' home. They have a really nicely landscaped pool.) Everyone got up to watch. It was pretty hilarious.

After that, they left. This morning they flew out to Orlando for their honeymoon. Are we jealous that Celeste is seeing Disney World before us? Duh. Did we consider flying out there during May to make sure we got to see it first? Certainly. Did we have time for such nonsensical frivolities? Not so much. (We're not entirely sure if we had the money for it, either, but I know we didn't have the time.) So now we've just had to resign ourselves to the fact that we're going to be seeing pictures of Celeste and her new husband at Disney World on Facebook, and instead of being like, "Oh, I remember that place! It was awesome!" we'll be like, "...Someday...*sniffle*"

We'll get over it. And we do admit that it was really nice of him to get reservations for them to eat inside Cinderella's castle, since Cinderella is Celeste's favorite princess.

We stayed to help clean up. I managed to grab a blue potion and a red potion before they all disappeared, but I was really nervous carrying two glass bottles around--what if I accidentally crashed them together!? So I hid them in the kitchen. The next time I saw them, the red potion had less soda in it. Grrrr. And of course there were no red potions left. So we decided to just give up on the whole thing and forget about it, but then when they were finishing everything up, Sarah's mother-in-law wanted to get rid of them, and while her arguments were far from convincing ("just dump the soda out and put red water in it so you can remember this event!"--a)you want me to waste good soda? (it probably would have been dumped out anyway), b)yeah, because we totally have more room for it in our small apartment than you do in your gigantic house, and c)no, I really need to forget that somebody was inconsiderate enough to open up a soda that had clearly been set aside by somebody else, because it makes me angry), we decided it was more important to her that we take it than it was to us that we don't.

So with that, along with the not really having dinner and the me not really being able to breathe, we were pretty grumpy by the end of the night. But we reminded ourselves that it really was a good time overall, and we finally watched the DVD that came with our Miyu Irino mini-album, and we felt a lot better.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to Celeste's wedding, everybody surviving the heat, getting to see a coyote on the way to the wedding, having a good time talking to everybody, and managing to get caught up on Chihayafuru yesterday.
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