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I did see it coming, but not quite in this form. The Thanksgiving thing has put our Japanese PS2 plan in danger. I thought if that were the case, we would be told that Steve doesn't like the idea. What I failed to realize is that Mom's opinion tends to change magically to fit that of Steve's.

So we were watching Ginban Kaleidoscope when we hear a knock at the door. It was Mom's signature knock, so we knew who it was right away. Apparently she had been calling all morning, but for mysterious reasons our phone wasn't ringing. The ringer was on and the volume was at its highest, so we don't know what the deal was, though we suspect it had something to do with low batteries. At any rate, Mom had come to take us to Hancock Fabrics, but, sadly, not to buy material for Halloween costumes for her or Sarah. We decided not to buy anything, though they did have a pattern for exactly the kind of skirt that I need for FushigiBoshi no FutagoHime costumes. Perhaps some other time.

Anyway, while all this was going on, we brought up the subject of the Japanese PS2, which Mom first ignored and then, when she saw we weren't going to let it go without a fight, told us that she was kind of annoyed about that. Why? Because we care more about video games and cartoons than family. This probably stems from our argument that we could have just as enjoyable Thanksgiving at home with our video games and anime as we could in Seattle with "family." Being away from our video games and anime was also on the list of cons. So, to clarify, and we did tell Mom this, it's not that we'd rather play video games, it's just that we don't want to go to Seattle at all, and we could keep ourselves entertained with video games.

We also told Mom that the fact that we even bothered arguing the point with Steve indicated that he had a chance of convincing us, but after his recent strategy of attacking us, we were no longer interested. We're not sure what they will do with this knowledge.

At any rate, Mom did confess that she was being selfish and pigheaded last year, and spent some time trying to convince us that if we were going to be with our family for all eternity, we should get used to what annoys us so it won't annoy us so much. It sounded a little off to me, like she was trying to convince us that it's a good thing to numb ourselves against pain. All the cartoons I've ever watched have told me otherwise. Except for Gokudo, but that doesn't count for anything. Also, I'm hoping very strongly that, with our family as mixed up as it is, their family won't be the one we're with for all eternity. But that may be a bit selfish of me.

We're going over to their place tomorrow to have dinner and play Catchphrase (they are literally always playing Catchphrase, and somehow our video games are always the same old thing), so we should have an opportunity to argue over the PS2 thing a little more. This is especially true as they'll have company, and will inevitably ask, "So how's work going?"

Yet again, the battle rages on...
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