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Par-tay again

Being gone all day yesterday means we missed it when the Disney Parks Blog came along and said, "Oh yeah, remember our annual price increase." We are not happy about this, as you can imagine. It gives us hope that there were a lot of comments on that blog post from people saying things like, "I can't do it anymore. You've priced me out." Also, the increase wasn't quite as dramatic as it was last year, but man. I really wish they'd cut it out.

In happier news, we had a lot of fun yesterday. Sarah came over early and we shopped for prizes for the games that would be played at Celeste's bachelorette party. Logan came with us, and the whole time we were at the 99 Cents Only Store, he was looking around for a ball to play with. Finally, he found a toy that looked kind of like the catcher things they use in rugby, only it has a trigger on it so you can launch a ball and then try to catch it yourself. It also comes with two balls, and the whole thing is covered in netting. It was so cute, because he spent a really long time trying to get the balls out of that net so he could play with them, and he would say to the launcher, "Share! Share!", because the launcher wasn't sharing. Eventually, Athena showed him the trigger, and he was very satisfied with that (because it clicks), and so he proceeded to hold on to the toy for the rest of the shopping trip, only letting go of it long enough to let the cashier scan it. Sarah bought it as one of the prizes, so it's a good thing his attention span isn't that long.

When we were done shopping, we went to Sarah's place for lunch. Logan was being cute again (and he was wearing the "I am why we can't have nice things" shirt we got him from, so I was taking pictures. The last picture I got was of him coming at me all monster-like to get the camera and start taking pictures himself. So I gave him the camera, and thought to myself, "I remember when I gave him the camera at the zoo, and Dad freaked out when he dropped it, but it was fine." The obvious punchline to that story is that of course this time he broke the camera. We're pretty sure it's not serious--just that the telescoping lens is crooked--but it means I won't be taking any more pictures until I can get it fixed, or get a new camera.

In the meantime, we had a great time at Celeste's bachelorette party, not that I have much to say about it. We had dinner at Red Robin, then we went to Mom's house to play some games. Three of Celeste's coworkers came along, and they were pretty awesome. One of them dominated all the games, but fortunately, we played pictionary in teams, so Sarah got to take home the ball launcher for Logan. After they left, we stayed and talked with Celeste and Sarah, and it was just a good time all around, except that we were up way too late and had nine o'clock church. It's been really hard adjusting to the earlier time after meeting at eleven for so many years.

Today I'm thankful for getting to have an awesome time at Celeste's party, Logan getting to have his favorite new toy, the cute little puppies on our calendar for June, the super yummy Reese's dessert thingies that Sarah made, and having friends who probably know how to fix cameras.
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