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So Athena got another email from Anime Expo today. We thought it might be kind of like a, "Psych! You're approved after all!" kind of thing (only without that much personalization--just the typical form "accepted" email), but it was the same rejected email that she already got. And we went all Woody from Suite Life on Deck, "Hurtful!" Only not really, but still, the heck? It makes me wonder if they noticed she'd got rejected, so they were like, "Oops! We were supposed to send her an accepted email!" So they tried to send the right one, and accidentally sent the wrong one again. I just don't know. I'm really not sure if we're going to have time for Anime Expo, though, because things just keep piling up.

Speaking of things piling up! We wonder if anyone saw it when whatever site is was discovered that Kodansha USA was going to release Sherlock Bones and thought, "Huh. Maybe that's why the Twins started reading Sherlock Holmes." 'Cause if they did, they'd be right. (We decided to wait to talk about it until we saw it listed on Kodansha's own website, which happened today!) Turns out we probably didn't have to start reading Sherlock Holmes, because the Sherlock character in the manga has enough difference of personality that it wouldn't have been too much of a detriment. But it does help us with speech patterns, and especially interjections. So whenever the dog goes "Mu!" we can translate it to "Halloa!" which works very well most of the time. It might be more helpful when we get more into the core of the story, and besides, we're big Holmes fans now, so we don't regret having read the books in the slightest.

What you probably wouldn't have been able to figure out is that it's also why we started watching Columbo. The first thing we translated was the little blurb by the author, and he said he was going for a twenty-first century Columbo, so we thought, "Maybe we should watch Columbo..." so we saw if it was on Netflix, and it was, so there you have it. In fact, Columbo has proven to be a lot more helpful in translating Sherlock Bones, because the format of the mysteries is so similar. The series (Columbo) also got us thinking that probably both Ace Attorney and Death Note have been influenced by Columbo. I mean, obviously Ace Attorney has--Detective Gumshoe dresses exactly like Columbo! And most episodes of Columbo (especially in the earlier seasons) seem to be more about the murderer than the detective, which is why we think it influenced Death Note. At any rate, any fan of mystery anime/video games could probably benefit from checking it out.

And I think that's all we have to say about Sherlock Bones for now. I could talk a little about the title, because there was some deliberation about what to call it. In the original Japanese manga, the dog is named Sherdock--like Sherlock, but with a D for dog (and the katakana for "dock" looks a lot like the katakana for "dog"). But there was some uncertainty as to whether it should have been "Sherdock" or "Sherdog" for the English version, and they were already thinking they'd call it Sherlock Bones before we translated it, and we don't know all the reasoning, but Sherlock Bones is how it ended up. Tadah! Our personal preference is for Sherdock, but we're not in charge, and it's been determined on numerous occasions that our opinion doesn't always match that of the general public.

Today I'm thankful for getting all our work done today, getting to go to the grocery store, getting to eat a Freschetta pizza (we had been sort of boycotting them because of the whole palm oil thing, but we reeeeally wanted one, and we think that another thing we had kept buying despite its use of palm oil may have just given up on palm oil (new packaging means new recipe! but I didn't read the ingredients list super carefully), and we determined to get 100% recycled paper towels), work motivating us to look into other cool stuff, and our package finally showing up last night (and when I opened the door, the UPS guy was petting the neighbors' cat; she's such a flirt).
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