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I think our little work crunch may be done. We might even have some time to exercise today! That's especially good because we took home all the leftover cookies from Memorial Day and they are chock-full of chocolate. Hopefully we'll be able to manage our time in such a way that we don't get too many more crunches.

And speaking of things that can sap away all our time, I finally got my industry registration confirmation from Anime Expo this morning! So we went to Athena's email, expecting to see the same notice...but instead we got a notice that her application has been rejected. Dun dun DUN! We can't help but wonder if they thought it was a duplicate application or something. Would it have been that hard to find something we translated that has both our names on it?

On the other hand, two printed names is hardly proof of the existence of two different people. Maybe that's why the confirmation email made sure to tell me how to get more industry passes for my company (or maybe it's just because it was a form email). So then it becomes a question of do we want to try to get another complimentary pass through my registration, or do we want to just skip the whole thing, since we were mostly planning on doing that anyway. They still have a few guest announcements to make, so we're taking a "wait and see" attitude. Though chances are we'll end up deciding we don't have time.

Athena just suggested that another option would be to get a friend who is also registered for Anime Expo, and then whenever we want to get into something, one of us goes in first with the friend, who then takes the badge and delivers it to the other of us waiting outside, who then uses it to also get inside. I wonder if they'd catch on, or if there would be too many people to keep track of. Of course we'd want to always be carrying some form of photo ID, business cards, and books that have both our names in them. We wouldn't even consider being so sneaky if not for the unfair rejection. I mean, we've gotten in as industry before, and we're still translating manga, so...

Today I'm thankful for finishing that translation, getting to play Symphonica last night (way too much fun), knowing what's going on with our AX registration (even if it's stupid), the package we ordered being on schedule to make it here in time for Celeste's bachelorette party, and maybe having time to exercise tonight.
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