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Memorial Day

So we ended up staying out longer than expected yesterday. It's only a bit of a problem, because we're getting kind of crunched for deadlines, and we didn't get any work done. It is possible that we could have done some work after we got back, but by then we were tired and sunburned, and so we decided we'd rather sit and watch Angel Beats for the rest of the night.

It was really sad, because what happened was we went to Steve's annual Memorial Day bash, and we had a decent time. We weren't really bored or not bored. Then it was starting to wind down, which was good, because that's when we noticed we were getting sunburns. Then a few surprise people showed up, and since so few people were left, we finally felt like part of the group, so we didn't want to leave, and we stayed out in the sun for a couple more hours. And now we're quite sunburned, but I'm confident that it will heal pretty quickly, because we never go outside.

There was a slightly amusing story involving the pinata. Athena and I had been charged with filling the pinata, and so we did, but it was getting pretty heavy and there was still a bunch of candy left. The pinata gets hung from part of a playground, and there's a platform overlooking it, so we figured Athena could stand at the top with the rest of the candy and toss down a handful whenever a kid hit the pinata. That worked out pretty well, and then the pinata broke and we had the mad scramble for candy. Eventually, the kids all figured out that, despite the death of the pinata, candy was still raining down on them, and so they discovered its source. Some of the boys wanted her to throw the candy to them specifically, so she started trying to hit them. (Don't worry; her throw is not powerful enough to hurt them.)

Finally, she ran out of candy except for one mysterious M&M. There were no M&Ms in the pinata, and yet there was an M&M in the bowl. A couple of girls were still asking for candy from the sky, so she decided to throw it and let whoever caught it have it...and of course neither of them caught it. For some reason, neither of them decided to pick it up--either they couldn't find it, they thought she hadn't thrown it, or they didn't want to eat an unwrapped M&M off the ground. And in the end, another cousin of Logan's came along, picked it up off the ground, and ate it. Of course, he was also the kid with a severe enough peanut allergy that he might have had a reaction even from the plain M&M. We found out about that later and warned the kid's dad.

And that is the tale of the pinata. After all the festivities, we went into the house where we pulled out the iPad and window-shopped at ThinkGeek for a while. They have some pretty neat stuff.

Now it's today and we've spent the day working, followed by a nice get-to-know-you visit from our new Relief Society president. We may have to get back to work after dinner. I'm so glad we love our job...but I still wish we didn't have to get back to it. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for having had a pretty good time at the Memorial Day bash, having a lovely visit with our new Relief Society president, getting to see some cool stuff at ThinkGeek, getting the leftover cookies from the party, and not having to take home the leftover cookies that had raisins in them.
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