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Our three-day weekend is turning into one long party! Woohoo! ...Or something. Actually, we're a little terrified of what this is going to do to our schedule next week. But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

The point is, tomorrow is the annual Memorial Day bash, and yesterday was Han and Leia's son's first birthday party. His birthday is actually the day before ours (it was a long labor; we're convinced he was trying to hold out so we could share a birthday), but for logistical reasons, the party wasn't until yesterday. We had a pretty good time.

Leia's main goal was to have a party where she could let her son destroy a cake, so it was Wreck-It Ralph themed. They even made a cake that looked like a much shorter version of the one in the movie (only without the Niceville citizens or the yard), and as soon as the candle was blown out (by Han), the kid just kept grabbing away at it. (There were cupcakes for everyone else.) He did quite a number on that cake; it was pretty hilarious. Then they took the cake away, and he still had a big pile of cake bits that he'd torn off and not eaten, so he took the pile and dumped it in his dad's water cup. Then he drank it. Pretty funny kid.

Gaston and Alice were at the party for a little while, too, but they left early because he had agreed to make chicken salad for his cousin's wedding reception that night. It was nice to do some catching up, and the two of us and Alice talked more about what new costumes we want to make for whenever we wear costumes (we're thinking of going to D23 Expo). The only conclusion we really came to is that we need something different. Our biggest problem is that Gaston has the strongest opinions, but he's also afraid to commit to any one idea, so we can't really get anything out of him. We also got to talk about anime and manga with a friend of Leia's, so overall it was a pretty good time.

Soon before we left, Han asked if we enjoyed ourselves, and he added, "Better than sitting at home playing video games all day?" And we were like, "That's debatable." Later we realized that that could have come across very badly, but really we just meant that we really like playing video games. Especially because we finished the first Kingdom Hearts on Friday and wanted to get started on Chain of Memories. It reminds Athena of when we went to San Francisco to interview for Nova. Han was super nice and drove us all the way there, and she tells me (because I forgot) that we were driving by some body of water, and the road was right next to it, and it was windy, and there were waves getting dangerously close. So we were like, "It would be really sad if a wave came up and washed us off the road and we drowned, because we're in the middle of Kingdom Hearts II." And Han was like, "...And the middle of living?" Some people and their priorities. (<--actually referring to us, not Han.)

Today I'm thankful for getting to go know, the Star Wars universe is not giving us a good code name for the kid. We'll just call him Nick for today, and reserve the right to change code names later.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to Nick's birthday party, the chocolate frosting on those cupcakes, getting to talk with people that share our interests (Gaston really made us want to go back to Disneyland, the jerk), finding money in the mail when we got back, and not missing choir practice today.
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