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Singing princesses

Normally, we'd go to Lumosity right after work, but we finished before the CD did, and this CD has songs with singability, which are not very helpful when playing games that are supposed to measure your brain abilities. These songs are so singable that we try even when we don't know the words! And that makes it even worse! Oh, but who are we kidding? We do that all the time anyway. If the song is singable enough, we'll pretend we know the words.

As for the CD in question, it's an Anime Tenchou song collection. We actually did stop work so we could sing the choruses for Double Dear (which we do know all the lyrics to...we think). It's enough to make me wonder if we should stop listening to songs with lyrics at all during work. But then when would we ever listen to them!? Maybe when we get our own car...ha ha ha. Actually, we're usually pretty good at staying focused on work, unless we run into something that's hard to translate. Then we'll start singing while we wait for searches to pan out or while we're staring at the sentence, willing it to make sense. Oddly enough, the singing doesn't really help.

But at LiveJournal, it doesn't matter if I randomly stop typing to sing a song. You'll never know! I've done it several times already!

...Not that our clients would ever know, either, but we like to get our work done efficiently and well, so there you have it. I think it was actually umadoshi who linked to some article about how texting while studying makes you not learn stuff. Probably the same goes for stopping to sing (incidentally, we just stopped to sing the first two verses of the main theme song; such an awesome song). And since good translation of dialogue depends partly on continuity, we think it's important to focus continuously.

Anyway. It's not like I had anything in particular to talk about today, but we did go back last night and find out what the third descriptor that comes to mind when people (by whom I mean the blogger) think of princesses. It was "rescued." I thought about it and started to wonder if our beloved video games are the very things perpetuating the falsely negative perception of Disney princesses. In video games, you rescue princesses all the time, so of course princesses are "rescued" in them. In Disney movies...well, I started taking a tally.

I mentally replayed the princess movies and counted all the times each princess was rescued against the times she rescued somebody else. Snow White and Cinderella came out even, then once again I hit a snare with Sleeping Beauty. ...To be honest, I didn't really do a tally for Sleeping Beauty, because I skimmed the scenes in my head and was like, "Yeah, she doesn't really do any rescuing." Then I realized I wasn't being fair, so I looked in more detail and I still didn't really come up with anything. On the bright side, I only came up with two instances of her being rescued, and the first one was when she was an infant.

I came up even for Ariel, and then Belle's count came out in favor of her being more of a rescuer than a rescuee, and then I got to Jasmine and got confused. I mean, did she save herself from Prince Achmed, or did Rajah? Rajah did all the work, but she's Rajah's master. On the other hand, they seem to have more of a friend relationship than a pet/master relationship, so... And then I stopped because my brain was getting tired of keeping track.

But in case anyone's curious about the details of the tallies, here they are!

Snow White:
I wasn't sure how to count the first time she gets rescued, because you could say the Huntsman saves her life, but he was the one who endangered it in the first place...except it was actually the queen who wanted to kill her, so let's err on the side of princesses being as helpless as possible and say the Huntsman saved her. Then she gets rescued from homelessness (or getting eaten by wolves) by taking up residence in the dwarfs' home. We're going to count this as Snow White rescuing herself, because even if the animals had refused to tell her where to go, or the dwarfs had kicked her out, she was the one taking all the initiative and probably would have continued to do so until she found a home. Then she rescues the wicked queen from the animals, and then the prince rescues her from the sleeping death. So we're 2/2 on Snow White and she comes out even.

First, Cinderella rescues Gus from a trap, then she rescues Lucifer from Bruno (sort of; Bruno wasn't really hurting the cat, but she still helped someone), then you could say she rescues Gus from the chickens. Then she rescues herself from a boring night at home by standing up for herself and convincing her stepmother that she should get to go to the ball, too, and by doing everything in her power to get all her chores done in time to go. The mice rescue her from not having a dress...and then the Fairy Godmother rescues her from not having a dress. Finally, Bruno and the mice rescue her from the tower. So we're kind of three for three on Cinderella. There are all kinds of things that could work as technicalities, like she saved herself by keeping the slipper, or the Fairy Godmother saved her by not making the slipper go away. Or she saved herself by telling the birds to go get Bruno (who ultimately rescued her from the tower), but it's just too complicated, so we'll say it's even.

Sleeping Beauty:
We've discussed Sleeping Beauty. Rescued by fairies as an infant, rescued by the prince (and fairies) as a teenager. Not a good showing, but I like her anyway.

Rescues Flounder from the shark, rescues Eric from drowning, rescues Sebastian from getting eaten. The animals rescue her from Vanessa, Triton rescues her from Ursula's contract. Eric rescues her from Ursula's wrath, she rescues Eric from Ursula's wrath, Eric rescues her and the entire ocean from Ursula's wrath. So we're four for four.

Rescues herself from Gaston, rescues her father from the Beast. Beast rescues her from the wolves, she rescues Beast from dying out in the cold (it's questionable as to whether his life was really in any danger, but at that point she awakens the love inside him, thus rescuing him from himself). Then Beast rescues her from himself by letting her go, she rescues Maurice from dying out in the cold, Chip rescues Belle and Maurice from being locked in the cellar, Belle rescues Beast from Gaston and then rescues Beast from death and the whole castle from the curse. So that's three counts of being rescued and six counts of rescuing. Tadah! Belle's a hero!

It kind of reminds us of an episode of the Weekenders (that we haven't gotten to yet) where somebody starts saying that everybody owes them (we think it was Tish), so somebody else took a tally of how many favors everybody owed everybody else. It came out with everybody owing Tino about a million favors. We think that might be what happens when we get to Mulan.

Today I'm thankful for finishing work a little early, the awesome songs from Anime Tenchou, finally getting Last Leaf (even though by level 90, we probably don't need it), Kinokuniya finally listing volume four of Liselotte, and remembering our password.
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