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Somebody got us started again...

What with the new Star Trek movie being out and all, people are talking about women in the movies again. We would probably just sit back and enjoy reading the different points of view, except that inevitably the Disney princesses get dragged into it, and in a way that indicates nobody's actually watching the Disney princess movies. On the bright side, this means that somebody's finally come along and said the automatic impression people get of Disney princesses (in an article that we read), so now we know what we're up against. On the less bright side, we only remember two out of three. If somebody's read Felicia Day's blog post about Star Trek Into Darkness and would like to remind us, we'd either appreciate it or think you're trying to show off. Either way, we'll respond appreciatively.

The third thing was pretty dresses. This is undeniable, so we have to give it to her. Yes, Disney princesses all have pretty dresses. Except for maybe...shoot, what was her name again? Kida? The one in Atlantis. She doesn't wear a dress; she wears a skirt and a top. And then of course there's the one princess (name withheld to prevent spoilers) who's dress seems to have been designed with a bit of silliness in mind. And Mulan wears armor for most of her movie, and...

Anyway. The first descriptor the article listed that comes to mind when thinking of a princess is "taken care of." And we were like, "Okay, now we know you haven't actually seen the movies." So we started a check list. Snow White...abused by her stepmother, sort of taken care of by the dwarfs, but she also took care of them, so...we're gonna say not so much but maybe. Cinderella...again abused by a stepmother and stepsisters. Gonna make that one a no. Sleeping Beauty...aha...yes, Sleeping Beauty. We think we have identified the culprit in all the bad press for the Disney princesses.

You may have noticed that in all our Disney princess defense posts, we don't really ever defend Sleeping Beauty. (I'm going to keep calling her that because we have a sister named Aurora, and we don't want to confuse the two.) Sleeping Beauty is most definitely taken care of. She's also definitely boy crazy, and not too bright about the whole thing. We're pretty well convinced that she was doubly adversely affected by Maleficent's curse--if Merryweather hadn't had to change her gift, she might have gotten wisdom instead of non-death.

I think probably what happens is something like this. A girl who loves Disney finds out her friend hasn't seen any Disney movies, so she shows her friend her favorite: Sleeping Beauty. (Most of our Disney fan friends' favorite is Sleeping Beauty. In fact, when a famous Japanese voice actress was asked her favorite anime at Anime Expo, she answered Disney's Sleeping Beauty.) The friend watches the movie, and, falling for the common trap, assumes that the movie is about the title character. They see said title character as a pampered, boy-crazy princess who throws a temper tantrum when she can't have what she wants (we attribute the fit more to her being a teenager than to her being a princess; also, it seems that she's not generally prone to such behavior, but this was a unique episode), and, since Disney fans think that this is the best movie, obviously this princess is the least objectionable of the lot. (What they don't realize is that most Sleeping Beauty fans are watching for Philip or Maleficent.)

(It doesn't help that Snow White is known for singing "Someday My Prince Will Come," which, the older I get, I feel I understand more. She's not saying, "Hey, where's my prince already?" She's saying, "He'll get here eventually. In the meantime, I have work to do here.")

Of course, this is all speculation, but I wonder if what we need is to spread the word about what Sleeping Beauty is really about. It's about three little old ladies who conquer the forces of evil. Watch it. You'll see.

Today I'm thankful for having a lovely time at Home Evening Group last night despite not getting to watch Psych, having time to practice the piano today, still having some yummy brownies to look forward to, video game soundtracks, and predictions of cooler temperatures tomorrow.
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