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Star Trek into Lens Flares

We went to see Star Trek Into Darkness today! It was kind of funny, because we sat down to watch Columbo, and hey, there was William Shatner! Then my phone started ringing, and it was Mom calling to invite us to see Star Trek. I would say that overall, we liked it, but there were some parts in the middle that just dragged and dragged. We were like, "Movie! Get on with it!!"

So we amused ourselves by counting lens flares.

We didn't notice all the lens flares when we watched the first Star Trek movie, maybe because we watched it on a relatively small TV...not a small TV by any means, but small compared to a movie screen, and it was across the room from us. The screen was across the room at the movie theater, too, and that room was even bigger, but the screen was even biggerer than that, so this time, we definitely noticed. We might not have if not for the announcement that J.J. Abrams would be directing the new Star Wars movie. Our reliable Disney news source reported it like this, "Star Trek director and lens flare enthusiast J.J. Abrams has been signed on as the director." I'm really not sure how I feel about Star Trek and Star Wars being directed by the same guy. I like his work pretty well, but...there's some joke about Chuck Norris and Jack Bauer...I don't remember, but I think it had something to do with too much awesome for one world to handle or something? Anyway, the point is, I wish there was more talent out there so they didn't have to keep getting the same people to make all the movies all the time. On the other hand, I do have a strong preference for movies that had Walt Disney working on them, so maybe it's okay to have one guy doing a bunch of movies.

Anyway, we didn't really count the lens flares. But we did start noticing them, and then we would giggle at them. But quietly, so as not to disturb the other movie patrons (hopefully). Oh, and there was another thing about Abrams and lens flares when our movie projectionist brother-in-law commented on Facebook about how he couldn't wait to hear all the lens flare jokes now that Star Trek was in theaters. We're not clever enough to come up with any, but wow. There really were a lot of lens flares. We don't disagree with the artistic choice--we like lens flares well enough ourselves, and we love that the movies have so much light in them--but it still makes us giggle. Based on this article we just found, apparently it makes the filmmakers giggle too. We're glad, because there were a lot of lens flares that had us going, "Okay, now they're doing it on purpose!" (In the sense that they knew people would be watching for the lens flares, and they didn't want to disappoint. Obviously they put all the lens flares there on purpose.) They even put one over the director's name in the credits! Bwahaha!

Okay, so that's all we're going to say about the movie. We hope we didn't spoil anybody who was hoping to be surprised about the amount of lens flares.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see the new Star Trek movie (maybe one of these days we really will watch the original series--we started to!), lens flares (I wonder if Abrams will use them in Star Wars), Leonard Nimoy's Bilbo Baggins song, being done with laundry, and getting to watch some anime.
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