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And we're back!

Wouldn't you know it, our journal happened to be on the cluster that needed a bazillion years of maintenance. (A bazillion years, several hours...) We did manage to type up an entry last night, but it didn't get posted. It did, however, get saved as a draft, so we still have it entirely intact! (Actually, we had saved a draft on Notepad, too, just in case, but looks like we don't need it.) (Also actually, I spoke too soon. It was almost entirely intact, but it missed some of the gratitude bit.)

Live Journal is doing maintenance right now, which means this may or may not actually get posted! Woohoo! Not that there's a whole lot to post. Today has been a day of brain-friedness. Hopefully that didn't adversely affect our work on Kingdom Hearts. Actually, I think the work on Kingdom Hearts is what helped us maintain our sanity, so I think it will be okay.

Aaaanyway. We had a fight with someone and realized we were wrong, so we went to Blue Mountain to send an e-card, but they didn't have any apology cards. I hope that's just a Blue Mountain thing, because what does it say about our society if we can't send apology cards? Maybe it says our society is smart enough to make up apologies without help. (Roxas wrote an apology note in the 358/2 Days manga. It's super cute.) Maybe it says that the card companies have enough hope that people won't let things get blown so badly out of proportion that they need to make an extra special gesture in order to make things right.

Or maybe it has to do with that whole "true love means never having to say your sorry" thing, which frankly I think is a load of bunk. Bunk, I say! True love means being able to get over yourself and admit when you made a mistake. We're all human, and we end up hurting each other. Like in Evangelion with the hedgehog's dilemma. So we can either stay away from everybody or we can train ourselves in first aid.

In addition to the stress of fighting, people are still talking about Merida's makeover. I think my main thoughts on it are frustration that nobody cared when they did it to all the other princesses, but now that it's Merida, suddenly it's a big deal. It's like they're saying, "Who cares if they turn all the other princesses into mindless fashion dolls? That's what they are anyway, isn't it?" Well the answer to that second question is no.

Today I'm thankful for Kingdom Hearts manga happi (this is where it cut off) ness, managing to finish our second draft, the yummy chocolate we had last night, hedgehogs (they're super cute!), and getting to see another episode of Pair of Kings that acknowledges Brady's existence.

As for today...we actually took the day off for the most part. Should we do that when we're super busy? Probably not, but things seem to have slowed down a bit, so we think we'll be okay. I finished reading the latest volume of Skip Beat!, and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!. That's really all there is to say about that.

But the funnest thing that happened today...wait, Chrome is not telling me that "funnest" is misspelled. I need to rethink my life. Anyway, we got an email from CD Japan about "new releases from your favorite artist." When we saw the title, we had to go see which of our favorite artists this was supposed to be, because it was some CD that had Apollo and Hades on it. And just as I suspected! Miyu Irino is playing Apollo in something! And Daisuke Ono is playing Hades. This is just too perfect, because we think of those voice actors in terms of Koe no Ouji-sama songs, and Irino-kun's song is so bright and happy (like the sun!), while Ono-san sings about Halloween.

So of course we had to find out what this thing with perfect casting is. It's a video game called Kamigami no Asobi, and of course it's a love sim. We were like, "A love sim with Greek gods? We want it!" so we went to order it and couldn't find it anywhere! That's when we Googled it and found the official website. Apparently it doesn't come out until October. Wow, they start promoting stuff early...or I guess it's not really that early. Is it really May? But the CD for the theme song came out last December.

Anyway! it doesn't only have Greek gods! It also has Japanese, Norse, and Egyptian gods! Wao! It's just a little disappointing that there are only two of each. Oh, but the character profiles are so great. For example, they list distinguishing characteristics for each character. Apollo's is that he'll say the same thing twice, and Hades's is that he tells jokes that aren't funny. And that just seems so much like something Ono-san would want in a character (based on...not a lot really). And Anubis! Anubis is so adorable! But they don't have sample voices for him yet, which is so aggravating because...okay, we weren't going to check the whole cast, but the game doesn't come out until October, so we figured why wait? And Anubis is played by another one of our current favorites, Yuuki Kaji (you may remember him as the adorable one that sings Part of That World). And his birthday is the day before ours! (Anubis's, not Kaji-kun's.)

And then there's Takeru. There are a lot of Durarara!! voices in this game, and Takeru is voiced by Mikado. Since Mikado was the first character we heard the actor (Toshiyuki Toyonaga) play, that's the type of character we expect to hear him as. Or it would be, except the second character we heard him play was Mahiro in Zetsuen no Tempest, who is...not the Mikado type. If I had to say, he's'm trying to think of a character to match the type and failing. He's all angry and stuff. Kind of like Shizuo, but with more logic. And the anger is more intentional. So based on the voice sample, Takeru is more of the Mahiro type. But then you look at his profile, and his special feature is that he cries surprisingly easily. Bwahahaha.

And I can't mention Durarara!! without mentioning Hiroshi Kamiya (Izaya). We're kind of shocked that he's not playing Loki, since we've already made all the Durarara!! connections. Athena says she thinks this Loki is too happy to be played by Kamiya-san. I pointed out that Izaya is pretty happy, but it's just not the same somehow. He does play the other Norse god, Balder. (Loki is played by the guy who plays Arata in Chihayafuru, who does a very creepy job (based on the one voice sample).)

Oh right, I should probably give a link to the site. Here it is!

Today I'm thankful for finding out about shiny new video games, said games giving us time to get through the other zillions of games that we have before hitting stores, Mom and Steve driving us to the grocery store, finding a bag of chocolate peanut butter Chex Mix (it's a miracle!), and getting caught up on Chihayafuru (right in time for a new episode tomorrow!).
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