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Today is a day with lots of stuff on my mind. For example, now that a certain princess has been crowned as a part of the Disney princess pantheon, suddenly people are noticing that the princesses (or at least that one) have had makeovers. There's a petition going around to stop the latest one, which is just a little bit silly because one of the big complaints is oh my goodness how DARE they take away her bow!! So when we got an email with a link to pictures of the coronation, we had to check it. Sure enough, there she was with her bow in hand. Come on, people, if you're going to protest, at least get your facts straight. Chances are when they print stories about her in Disney Princess magazine, those stories will feature her archery skills prominently. (For crying out loud, they made a Temple Run game featuring that princess's archery.) Still, I don't like any of the princess makeovers (although I admit Ariel's new dress design is interesting), so I'm not opposed to repealing them.

Another thing on my mind is politeness. We think it's important. But we also think it doesn't justify lying. It's true, I don't like being corrected, but I usually get over it if I was actually wrong. I'd rather be right, after all, so I have to admit when I make mistakes. And I hate being lied to. And there are so many cartoons where a character says something to be polite and ends up with a lot of unpleasantness as a humorous (or not-so-humorous, in some cases) result.

But the best thing on our minds is Kingdom Hearts! We're back to working on the manga, and this time it's 358/2 Days. I have to say, after thirty plus volumes of Higurashi, it can be hard typing the name Xion with an X instead of an SH. I feel like I have a lot to say about the Days manga, but my mind is kind of fuzzy right now. We thought we would take a couple of days to finish our first draft, but by the time we got to the end of the workday, we realized just one little push would help us finish it today. So we put in another CD, and finished it! Tadah! And now we're tired, but not just because of work. Also because it's really hot today.

Right, the Days manga is really tricky to work on, because the game doesn't have theater mode for the whole game. (We're hoping it does in the remastered version, but we're still working on the first game, and then we have to get through Chain of Memories.) So when we have to cross-reference the game to make the lines match, sometimes we don't get the benefit of comparing it to the original Japanese game dialogue. Also, because of the story format of Days, sometimes the manga will mix and match bits. So there's this whole dialogue from X part of the game, with a couple of lines from scene Y sprinkled in. It's very difficult.

But it's also awesome, because Amano-sensei is really good with these characters. Demyx is hilarious.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our first draft already, sugary Chex Mix, allllmost figuring out how to get the item we think we need from Pink Agaricuses, the continuance of the elixir gag, and the yummy grape popsicles we had at Mom's house last night.
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