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So...stuff. Today has been a regular day. We worked. Not a lot to report on there. Still don't want to take time to get pictures posted. So I guess I could talk about thinky things. Sometimes, for example, we think about empathy. We have a hard time accepting it as a reality. I mean, okay, I get that people can be really in tune with how someone else feels, but...well, we've just had too many unempathetic experiences from self-proclaimed empaths.

Mostly what happens is this: we get excited about some incomprehensible fangirlish thing. The empath who doesn't share our fangirlish glee hears us raising our voices and yells at us to calm down, because they can't handle the anger. The heck? We weren't angry, we're happy! If you were really empathic, or if you maybe listened to the content of our conversation, you might know that, silly person! (I'm trying to be more laid-back about it.) So now we're in a horrible mood because of this wet blanket, but the empath no longer has our negativity(?) projected onto them, and I guess that's better? But if this person is so in tune with our feelings (from the empathy), shouldn't they know we were happy? This kind of thing has happened to us more than once, and that's why we don't buy the whole "empathy" thing. ...Or maybe I should say, "We maintain a healthy(?) skepticism about it."

It just seems so silly, because usually when the topic of empathy comes up, it's in the sense of, "I just can't help you with your problems, because I'm so empathic that hearing about them literally hurts me." And we're like, "Well, seeing as it is in fact a problem, it literally hurts me, too. Why don't you help me solve it, or at least help me feel better, and then, since you feel my emotions, we can both stop hurting?" Or is empathy supposed to be a thing where the empath takes your pain from you so you don't feel it anymore but now they do? That would sort of make sense as to why they need to stay away from other people's problems, but on the other hand, the other person's problem isn't going to go away just because someone sapped the bad feelings from them. Do empaths only share pain? ...I think I'm starting to confuse myself.

Anyway, maybe I shouldn't be ranting about stuff right after posting about being more positive. The point is, whether we're empathic or not, we can all be considerate of other people, so let's do it! Or something.

Today I'm thankful for getting our work done today, getting to listen to our KAmiYU CD, finally getting through that one Atlantica gummi mission (now there's an even harder one!), getting our comp copies (I think I forgot to be thankful for that yesterday), and still having those pirouette cookie thingies to look forward to at some point.
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