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The problem is not that work takes longer than expected. It just takes longer than we hoped. We were hoping to finish this thing today so we could have tomorrow and Friday to work on the next thing, but no such luck. And we just don't want to work for another CD. We may end up paying for that later. Eh heh. But I also need to do a thing for Celeste, so it's just as well.

That being the case, I'm taking it slow as far as uploading pictures from our super awesome tour. I have moved the pictures from the camera to the computer, but that's as far as they're going today. The rest of that report continues to wait.

In the meantime, I think there was something else I was going to talk about...oh right, I think I was going to talk about why work took so long today. We had to keep doing research on stuff and not getting conclusive results. For example, there was a reference to a movie that apparently really exists, but a Google search gives us pretty much nothing. It's really bizarre. It only came up when we tried it at Wikipedia, and all we got was that an actor had been in it. So we tried Googling the actor...and got a lot of social media sites of people with the same name who may or may not be the same person.

We also spent too much time researching gal fashion. All we wanted to know was how to describe it in a brief note, but there are too many different branches of gal fashion! Aaaaahhhh! We ended up paraphrasing the Japanese language dictionary definition from Yahoo. We should have just done that to begin with and saved ourselves a lot of time. In our defense, we didn't even realize we could find it in the dictionary until we did a Google search on ギャル系とは. In the opposite of our defense, we kept researching for a while after that before we decided to just go with it.

Oh right, there is another piece of news that interests us. Anime Expo has announced Kazuhiko Inoue as a guest of honor. We're really not sure how we feel about that. He' really huge. But he doesn't play any of our super favorite characters. He's not even in a whole lot of stuff we translated the manga of--just Fruits Basket, as far as we remember. And Kingdom Hearts, technically, but we don't even know if Prince Eric is going to be in the manga.

Thinking about it, until a few weeks ago, we were 90% planning to go to Anime Expo this year anyway, so we would just be like, "Yay! Cool voice actor!" But then we found out there wouldn't be anyone to take care of Page, and D23 is having an expo in Japan that we might want to save our money for, and besides, we haven't gotten any confirmation on our industry registration (which we turned in...a long time ago). So in the end, it just kind of makes us sigh.


(We just remembered (thanks to our icon) that Inoue-san played Shakespeare in the Romeo x Juliet anime. It could be pretty hilarious to bring a copy of the script to the play and ask him to sign it. Inoue-san: "You know I didn't actually write this, right?" Us: "We know. Could you sign it as Willy?")

Today I'm thankful for making better progress at work than we could have, still having time to take things a little easy, the yummy brownies we had for dessert last night, remembering that we still have ice cream cake, and ice cream roll cakes.
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