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We prefer the term "melanin-impoverished"

Well, the bad news is that we installed Goldwave and it turns out it's shareware instead of freeware. I'm not sure if this means we're going to stop using it or not, since so far it's the only thing that's worked, but that might be because of missing components. We decided to get the one clip we wanted to use for the next Captain Animate track anyway, and that will be posted in the near future. There are still a few things we need to get taken care of before it goes up though, and I'm tired of downloading software for now.

The good news is that, while we were installing Goldwave, it told us that we were missing some components, what they were, and where to get them. And now almost all of our anime works beautifully. This is very happy. And now, instead of thinking, "Blah, we have to watch this anime and get it off our desktop," we think, "Yay! Pretty new anime!" I really like Shakugan no Shana, but there aren't enough characters in it yet to suggest a cosplay group. We'll keep you updated.

Also, we've realized that all the pale blond guys in Trinity Blood look exactly the same. Every time a new one comes on, we're like, "Is he that guy, or is he a new guy?" So in the latest episode this guy shows up and I'm like, "Okay, I know that's not Virgil, and he's using powers that I don't think that other guy had, so time to start guessing voice actors." And then he didn't talk, so of course we started guessing all the voice actors who play characters that never talk. Then he did start talking, and Athena's first guess was Shin-ichiro Miki, and then he sounded like Miki-san only not, which usually means it's Junichi Suwabe. So Athena says, "Suwabe Jun...oh."

Because like we have mentioned in the past, Junichi Suwabe plays Cain, because you can't have Perdition without casting Junichi Suwabe. And maybe that's more amusing to us than it should be. Anyway, my point is, there are too many pale blond guys in Trinity Blood to keep track of.

And today I'm thankful for the ability to watch pretty anime, the fact that Dietrich's string is not of the skin-slicey variety, vacuum cleaners, working scanners, and B Mash.
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