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We certainly did not mean to skip out on updating LiveJournal for two days. We just didn't really have time for it. On Sunday, we went to Mom's house for Scott's birthday dinner. Other than meeting Scott's girlfriend, I don't think anything worth mentioning happened. Logan probably did something adorable. Oh right. He asked to watch Barney by repeating, "Iun G.A.!" G.A. is how Logan pronounces B.J. (periods there to indicate that he actually says them like the letters, not the syllable ga). I just think it's so cute that he has a favorite character, and that he knows that character's name. He kind of knows our names a little too maybe!

Yesterday was booked solid, but with fun stuff. We worked and then we went to our regular fast food place for dinner with Mom and Steve. While we were there, the power went out! It was kind of fascinating. There was still enough light outside that everybody could see, and for some reason, whatever it was that was powering the music was still working. Also, the employees there really like us, so when the power went out and they couldn't really man their stations, one of them came out to chat. She told us the monitors on the registers were still working, so I asked if that meant we could still buy cookies (we like to get cookies, but we always get them after dinner, because Mom and Steve always pay for dinner, and we don't want to make them pay for our cookies), and she said yes! And we were happy, but then she asked how many cookies we wanted, and I said two, and she said, "Wait right there." So she went to the back and got us two cookies, free of charge! Aww, we feel loved.

After dinner, we went to Mom's house for Family Home Evening, and it was sort of Athena's turn to do the lesson, but we didn't have any time! so we winged it and ended up talking about the possible Biblical origins of certain Chines characters. That kind of stuff is fascinating to us, but I'm afraid it was putting Mom to sleep. Oh well.

Then we went to Home Evening Group early so we could watch Psych! One of the roommates at the house where we have HEG is a Psych fan, and since they have Xfinity, he's able to watch the episodes a lot sooner than those of us with plain old Hulu. And so, in order to have somebody to talk about the latest episodes with, he decided to just show them to us. So we watched three episodes last night, and we're almost all caught up! But we ended on the episode with the wedding, and if you've seen it, you know why that's a terrible place to end! Aaaaahhhhh! But our host had to get up before is in any way reasonable, so we all decided to hold off until next week. He's even been waiting to watch that episode himself, so we're all in suspense!

Finally there was today. We hadn't quite finished the first draft of the book we've been translating, so we only had a little bit of work to do before it was done. We didn't want to jump right into editing, though, and since Celeste is probably dying inside trying not to pressure Athena (and not quite succeeding) into finishing writing address on envelopes, we used our spare time for that. Calligraphy is a lot harder than it seems!

After about an hour, Athena's hand started shaking, so we took a break to catch up on Arata: The Legend. We started watching it out of loyalty to Yuu Watase, but it's kind of driving us crazy a little. The pacing is soooo slow, and Arata...we just want to smack him. I mean, I understand why he has trust issues and stuff, but all the brooding is not fun to watch. Then they introduced a new guy! ...and he was played by a girl. Not that this series doesn't have a bunch of our favorite voice actors already, just that those characters never talk. Oh well. We're hoping it will pick up soon.

We also played around with our iPad some and downloaded the World Wildlife Fund's free app! I love educational apps! And this one's all about animals! You choose an animal to read their story, by which the app means "a list of facts and some really pretty pictures," but we're okay with it, because the pictures are amazing! And when you read all the facts, you fold it up, and it makes it look like it's folding the picture into an origami version of that animal. And then! it has instructions on how to make the origami animal! We're way more excited about this than we maybe really which I mean we think it's super ultra awesome, but the chances of us making origami snow leopards are not high. But it's still really cool!!

Today I'm thankful for the WWF's free app, the cute little sparrow outside our window, Steve being kind enough to take us grocery shopping today, getting to watch three episodes of Psych last night (the Clue parody was pretty awesome), and free cookies.
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