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Today was Mormon Helping Hands day! Woohoo! We thoroughly did not enjoy it last year, so we were a little half-hearted about making an effort to go this year, but we found a ride, and so we went. It was kind of funny, because our friend texted to say yes he could drive, and so I texted back asking when he would pick us up and he asked if we could be ready by 7:15am. We were like, "Are you crazy?" We weren't supposed to meet up until 7:45! ...Okay, maybe it's not that funny after all.

So we left at 7:30, and we went to go help clean a local bike trail. The problem we had last time is that we weren't sure what to do with ourselves, but this time! there were a bunch of trimmed tree branches that needed to be moved into piles. So that's what we did for a cumulative total of maybe two hours? I don't know. There was a long period of time where we just kept moving back and forth between trees and piles of branches, and then we took a long break, and then we did it in spurts here and there.

There was adventure and danger involved, so it wasn't entirely monotonous! Not that I enjoy danger, but it makes for better stories. After moving lots of pine, oak, and maple branches, people started clipping the oleander hedge. I was worried because I knew oleander is poisonous, and I wasn't planning on eating any, obviously, but I was afraid we might get sap on our clothes or something, and then what if we came home, not knowing we had oleander sap on us, and Page licked it for some reason!? (It sounds really strange that Page would be interested in tasting our clothes, but there is some kind of plant in the area that people walk through and cats go crazy over it. So it's probably catnip related...? I don't know what it is, but I don't think we ran into any today, fortunately.) We weren't really all that worried, and we were ready to stop being useless, so we started moving branches into piles again. I picked up a branch...and got sap on my finger! Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!

We didn't talk to a lot of people (because we were working), but I did mention it to one person, adding my concern about oleanders being poisonous, and she was like, "Yeah, but only if you ingest it." And I said, "But I have it on my finger." "Do you have a cut on your finger?" "No... But I don't want to go around with poison on my finger!" She agreed that that would be unfavorable. It was on my pinky, though, so again, we weren't super worried. But I did wash my hands thoroughly when we got home.

After we got home, Celeste and her fiance came over to drop off all Celeste's wedding invitations! Woohoo! (The exclamation points are only mildly ironic.) Athena agreed to address the envelopes, because she has the best handwriting of all of us, and if we're lucky, she can pull off some calligraphy. Come to think of it, I'm not sure exactly how lucky that would be for anybody but Celeste, but I didn't want it to sound like Athena wasn't going to try. Just that she hasn't really done calligraphy since...a long time ago. High school at the very latest.

Anyway, we're tired and have stuff to do, so off we go!

Today I'm thankful for making the right choice and helping with the service project, being done with the service project, making it home from the service project (our ride had to leave early for some other thing), not being poisoned (probably; we think enough time has passed that we'd know), and Page greeting us and hanging out with us when we came back.
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