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I was intending to post earlier, but LJ was down right when we wanted to post, and then we started playing Kingdom Hearts, and, well, we all know how that turned out. ...Or we would, but we had to go to bed early tonight (in fact, maybe I shouldn't be stalling right now...), so we turned of Kingdom Hearts, ordered a pizza, played Warriors of Odin (now that we have an iPad, we can play the game we translated!), and watched an episode each of Columbo and Psych (they went to Mexico in both shows! we did not plan that). And then we had ice cream, and then I thought people might be interested in knowing how Page is doing.

Page is doing very well. She's almost completely back to her old self--the only real difference is that her ear still has scratches on it. She still seems a little eager to get back outside, but we're stubbornly refusing to let that happen until she's healed properly. (Also it's hard to tell if she's more eager than usual or not. It is spring, after all.)

Today I'm thankful for Page being well on the way to recovery, getting to play the game we translated, getting to watch a new episode of Psych, getting to watch an episode of Columbo, and finishing a bunch more gummi missions.
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