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We had a bit of an adventure last night. Well, actually, by "we," I mean Page. The weather was warm enough for us to leave the balcony door open in case she wanted to go outside, and that's how one of the neighborhood cats got in. It was a cute little gray and white thing, but Page didn't care. There was a fight. From what I know about Page, I'm pretty sure she initiated it, but neither of us saw when it started, so who can say for sure?

I just heard a bunch of noises, and I didn't think anything of it until it kept going on. Then I heard cats screaming, and it still took me a second to realize it was taking place in our kitchen area. So I finally broke up the fight. Our visitor ran outside, and Page ran into the spare bedroom. I followed her so I could remove the clump of gray fur that was hanging from her mouth, and then I went back to the kitchen to throw it away. The visitor was still nearby, looking in. I said, "You're still hanging around?" and it left.

We didn't think much of it until about an hour later when Page came out of hiding and Athena noticed the blood on her face. Closer inspection revealed a cut on her ear. We were afraid it had been torn through, and that's when we started to panic a little. We don't own anything resembling a first aid kit--we don't even have any band-aids--but we wanted to bandage the wound somehow so she wouldn't make it worse with all her head shaking.

It was ten-thirty, but we called Mom anyway. We all decided that it was too late to take her to the vet, and we'd just wait until morning and see how Page was doing then. Still, Athena and I wanted to try to at least cover the wound, so we found some soft white fabric and cut a strip of it. Page was very patient with us while we attempted to wrap it around her head, but as soon as we finished, she started shaking it off, like, "No, I don't like that." We had said a prayer that she would be okay, and we did everything we could think of, so from then on, we decided to hope for the best. It was encouraging to inspect the bandage and discover that only a few very tiny specks of blood had come off on it. (Compared to the amount of blood on her face, it was practically no blood at all.) We were also encouraged to see that, on closer inspection, the cut had not gone all the way through, so she probably won't go through the rest of her life with a slit in her ear.

She seemed to be doing better this morning, and she's been improving throughout the day. We went to counseling and I mentioned it to our counselor, so she immediately emailed her husband, who happens to be a veterinarian, and he said to just clean it with some hydrogen peroxide and she'll be fine. So on the way home, we swung by Mom's house to pick up some hydrogen peroxide, and I tried to use it on her, but she very quickly moved away. Our attitude is that we don't want to make her any more uncomfortable than she already is, but we'll keep an eye on it and maybe try again with the disinfectant later.

Today I'm thankful for Page being okay, getting some advice from a veterinarian, managing to get through Halloween Town without too much trouble, Mom being willing to drive us around and give us a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, and getting the paperwork we needed.
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