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Today turned out to be a lot more eventful than expected, although come to think of it, we should have expected part of it. We were considering calling Steve and asking for a ride to Best Buy, but then Athena remembered we sort of had plans with Steve already, but we weren't sure if they were today or tomorrow or what. Those plans also involved Sarah, and she called and we figured everything out. (Steve had actually called her, which is how she remembered.)

See, Steve has a business associate from Japan who was coming in to the States today, and he wanted us all to meet him. First, he wanted to show off Logan, and second he wanted to see if Athena and I could understand this person...we'll call him Suou-san. After numerous attempts to explain to us what made it so hard, Steve settled on the fact that he uses such unusual vocabulary, like, to give an English example, he uses the word "morose" instead of "sad." Steve says his other Japanese associates say even they have a difficult time understanding him.

Anyway, Steve wanted us all to meet Suou-san, but there were logistical problems that resulted in Sarah picking us up and driving us to Mom's house, where we would meet Steve and Suou-san for a little while and then the two of them would go to dinner. To our side of the plans, Sarah appended a trip to Cold Stone, for which we all had gift cards. But Logan was being fussy and Sarah was hoping a change of scenery would cheer him up, so she brought him to our place early and we hung out for a while, and tried putting in Home on the Range to see if Logan's newfound obsession with cows would get him to sit down for a little while. It did not.

We met with Suou-san and I admit I wasn't able to follow everything he said, but I didn't have any more trouble than I would have listening to any other Japanese speaker. What I'm saying is I could stand to improve my listening comprehension. There was an especially difficult time when we started talking about the political climate of China, but let's be honest--we wouldn't have been able to understand that conversation in English. (I kid. We'd be able to follow, like, 70% of it...but that's about what we got from the Japanese conversation, especially after I remembered from our college Japanese classes that kenpou means constitution (like a government constitution).)

Then we went to Cold Stone, where I was a little disappointed to find out that the lemonade sorbet they had last time we went (around Christmas) was apparently seasonal after all (or an experimental new flavor, or location-based; the point is they didn't have it). I was so excited to get lemonade sorbet with graham cracker pie crust and strawberry syrup. It would have been so awesome! Instead I got one of the Hot Stone things, with a brownie and hot fudge. It was alright. Athena got oatmeal batter ice cream with chocolate syrup and peanut butter, and she said it tasted like chocolate oatmeal cookies (or no-bakes, as some people call them). Only less chocolaty.

Finally, Sarah was kind enough to decide that Logan could endure the torture of spending more time out and about, and she took us to Best Buy. It had become a necessity that we get an iPad. We had been thinking of getting a tablet for a long time, and we were hoping to get one that, y'know, doesn't cost an arm and a leg, but there you go. It was so funny, because we told the guy there what we needed, and he said, "Have you looked at any of our Samsung tablets?" and I thought, "That's so nice of you to try and save us money, but it has to be an iPad." He didn't give up even after that--he was like, "Are you sure you don't want an iPad Mini?"

So yeah. We have an iPad now. Weird. After all our determination not to give in to the iPod hype. Life's just like that sometimes, I guess.

Today I'm thankful for Sarah being kind enough to drive us around all day, getting to meet Suou-san, getting to go to Cold Stone, being able to afford an iPad (I don't mean to brag; I'm sincerely grateful), and the discovery that the word "chocolaty" is in Chrome's spell-check dictionary. It looks so weird without that E.
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