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So remember when I said that, as Saiyuki fans, it would almost be a crime not to at least sample Mahjong Legend Akagi? Of course you do! As it turns out, Minekura-sensei said on her web log that she is indeed watching Mahjong Legend Akagi. Now, I can see where some people would be of the opinion that just because one of my favorite manga artists likes a show doesn't mean I have to like it too. But, since Minekura-sensei is one of my favorite manga artists, I think we would agree on what might be good story elements. She does tend to like somewhat darker things than we tend to like, but it's always interesting to see what kind of influence what she's watching might have on her work.

Now if we can just get one of the many media players we've downloaded to show it so that we can actually see everything that's going on, we can watch it. It wasn't so bad when only a few serieses kept jumping, but now we're trying to watch at least four that just won't play smoothly. One of the forums we looked at said something about using an earlier version of WMP, but apparently there's no version of that one for Windows 2000. I think I'm gonna cry.

At least Gakuen Alice works. Another guy character came on and he just sounded like a Squenix hero, and indeed he was played by Takahiro Sakurai. He was my first guess, but I would have been more amused if it was Masakazu Morita. But I think that only makes sense to me. At any rate, I'm happy to see Sakurai-san in another non-BL series. He seems to be in a lot of those, which is why we're very happy Yuu Watase discovered him.

We really need to start posting Captain Animate again. But it just won't be the same without soundclips. I guess it's time to search for a sound editor.

Tonight I'm thankful for corn muffins, waterfall mist scented shampoo, SailorMoon manga, not having strep throat, and the ability to count.
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