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People sometimes ask us, when they see us eating lots of cookies or drinking whole milk, how we manage to eat what we do and stay so skinny. The answer is very simple--we distract ourselves from food. Today is a really good example, because we were having a snack (of Triscuits--not everything we eat is unhealthy!), and even though I was enjoying them thoroughly, we both decided we were too impatient to get on with things to keep eating them. We haven't gotten to play Kingdom Hearts yet!

We decided that we should be a little bit more productive today than yesterday, so we indexed some names for Family Search and went to the store. We also remembered, because people are talking about Elementary, that we really want to get back to reading Sherlock Holmes, which we just haven't had time for! So we did some of that, and it really doesn't seem like anything we did took that long, but we also slept in, because we haven't been able to do that in weeks! (Incidentally, everything we hear about Elementary has us wanting to watch it, but we're not sure how much of the books we want to finish first, and we have so many other things to do! I also have a lot of exclamation points today!)

Speaking of Kingdom Hearts (which I wasn't just now, but I was a little earlier, so there you have it), I didn't mention this yesterday because we hadn't heard much of Tarzan talking by the time I updated, but! oh my goodness, his Japanese voice sounds just like his American one! It was uncanny! There was one scene that started with him talking, and it took me off-guard, because he sounded so much like the original Tarzan that I was like, "Whoa! Was he just speaking English?" (Then I processed what he actually said and realized that yeah, that was not English.)

It was especially impressive because Tarzan's Japanese voice is Jurota Kosugi, whom we've heard in a bunch of stuff! It's just that almost all his other characters have the same voice, and it sounds like Lorenzo from Cuticle Detective Inaba. I admit that's a great voice, but it doesn't sound like Tarzan, so we were like, "Whoa! He really sounds like Tarzan!" But I think it's still a little more shocking to remember the voice he uses for Daglass in Atelier Marie. It's high... We remember that character and we're like, "Wait... Are you sure that's him?" And in fact we're not, because that game doesn't list all the voices in the credits and we're forced to rely on internet sources. After hearing his Tarzan voice, it might be a little more plausible.

Anyway, it's really fun, when playing in Deep Jungle, to think of Sora and Tarzan as Kei and Lorenzo. Bwahaha.

Today I'm thankful for having time to do some stuff we haven't had time for in a while (back to work tomorrow), finally taking the opportunity to buy some shortbread at the store (every time we see it, we're like, "I want it!" but it's kind of expensive, so we never bought any, but this time we were like, "It's in honor of our Scottish ancestry!"), Yuuki Kaji singing "Part of That World" (have we been thankful for that already? in that case I'm thankful for listening to it right now (except that it's incredibly distracting, especially because we want to sing along and then realize we don't really know the Japanese lyrics)), having work to do tomorrow (actually we've had work to do all week, but we wanted to take some time off...), and the lovely little mini-vacation we've had.
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