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The Further Tragic Adventures of Logan

Our day of playing Kingdom Hearts may end up being cut short due to sinus pressure. But we're still enjoying it! It's still pretty much the same, but like I said, the music is extra shiny, and you can get trophies. The Japanese voices for Tarzan are pretty great. The voice of Jane doesn't sound exactly like Minnie Driver, but she does the attitude so well. She has this female mad scientist thing going, like you get from characters like Hakase in Negima!, but maybe not to quite that extent.

Yesterday, we had another very adorable yet tragic adventure. We went to our favorite cow-mascotted restaurant for dinner, and the whole way there, Logan kept saying, "I want moo!" (It sounded more like "Eh-eh oo!" The "eh" is high-pitched; Logan speaks a tonal language, and the high pitch is how we know it means "I want.") I don't know if Sarah told him we were going to maybe see the cow, or if he just recognized the route, but he knew where we were going, and he wanted to see that cow.

When we got there, we asked one of the employees if the cow would be out and about today, and he said yes, he thinks so. Then we noticed a sign on the cash register saying part of the proceeds of that night's sales would be going to the local school of dental hygiene, and we figured if they had a fundraiser going on, there would definitely be a cow.

And sure enough, there it was. It came out while we were eating and started making the rounds. It was so cute, because whenever it came by, Logan would be so starstruck he wouldn't really know what to do. With some encouragement, he high-fived the cow a couple of times, and then it would move on...and once Logan regained his wits, he would start mooing like there was no tomorrow, looking wistfully after the cow all the while.

Since I was the first one finished eating, I got to take Logan into the play place, where we have a bit of a tangent. There was a whole motley crew of children in there, all led by one girl who had a very take-charge attitude. She would run to the corner of the play place and yell, "Town meeting!" and all the other kids gathered around her as she proceeded to tell them what they were going to do next. She organized them into pairs so they could go down the slide together (and in order), and said things like, "You are required to go down on your stomach!" It was kind of hilarious. Later Logan caught her under the play apparatus lecturing another boy on how he needs to use his words instead of hitting people.

Anyway, while Logan was playing, the cow came out again. He saw it, and I asked him if he wanted to see it, so he nodded. I let him out of the play place, and he tried to make his way to the cow, but every time he figured out where the cow was, his little toddler legs couldn't get him there before it moved on. It didn't help that Logan doesn't have the best navigation skills at this point in his career. So I picked him up and carried him over to the cow, where he was very excited to see his favorite(?) mascot again (Sarah tells us he does seem to be obsessed with cows lately, to the point where she won't say the word, but only spell it, so as not to excite the boy and start him begging to see cows again). They high-fived some more, and then the cow put its face up close to Logan, because the other kids had enjoyed played a game of hitting the cow on the nose earlier. Logan followed suit, pushing the cow away...but only because the cow was making him very nervous by coming up so close. I foolishly decided it would be fine anyway and did nothing, but when the cow came in for another hit, Logan broke down in tears. I could not console him.

Sarah came to retrieve him and calm him down, and the cow shook its head in shame and ran off to the break room. As Sarah carried Logan back to the table, he kept staring wistfully at the cow, waving goodbye (but still crying). After we sat him back down, it was mere moments before he stopped crying entirely and started looking for the cow again, but by then we had all finished eating, so it was time to go. I just want the person in the cow suit to know that there's no hard feelings, and Logan still loves the cow very very much! Please don't feel bad!

Of course, we were all laughing the whole time. Inwardly. ...Mostly inwardly.

Today I'm thankful for Logan getting to see his favorite(?) cow again, getting to see another episode of Psych last night, having lots of time to play Kingdom Hearts today, getting to eat scones at Home Evening Group, and getting a ride home from Home Evening Group so we could stay late to watch an episode of Psych (our regular ride had to leave before it would have been over). And Steve bringing us the tax stuff we left at Mom's house last night.
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