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General Conference and Big Hat Days

A busy end to a busy week! This weekend was General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (sometimes I think it's important to say the whole name again, even though I figure everyone reading already knows)! Yay! So we got to hear some prophets and apostles speak, which was awesome as usual. In case anybody's curious about what that might be like, I recommend this talk by President Thomas S. Monson. He's such a great guy. The talk is on obedience, but it's not condescending or scolding or anything like that. President Monson always has such an inviting tone, and he's not afraid to tell about his own past mistakes, as he does in this talk (and it's kind of a cute story). I think I've said it before, but I'll say it again--he acts just the way I think a prophet of God should act.

After both sessions of Conference yesterday, Mom called and invited us to go to Big Hat Days. We'd never been to Big Hat Days before, so we totally wanted to check it out. Apparently it's this thing they do as like a pre-rodeo festival? There's all kinds of booths people set up to sell things and they have carnival rides and stuff. It was a lot like the fair, only more condensed. We saw some pretty cool stuff, but none of us wanted to commit to buy anything. That reminds me, though, there was one booth selling Welsh cakes, and we didn't stop to take free samples, but I made a mental note to check their website. Now I'm making another note. Maybe I'll just go do that right now... oooh, they look like they could be yummy. We'll have to order some tomorrow. (The site is

I'm especially interested because we're gradually becoming more interested in our genealogy, and we have British ancestry. So far we've only confirmed Scottish and Irish, but we've heard rumors of a town in Wales called Nibley. ...And we just checked Wikipedia for a Nibley, Wales, and got nothing, but apparently there's a Nibley, Utah. The heck? How did we not know about this? Most of our relatives still live in Utah! We lived in Utah for four years! Clearly we have a lot of work to do on family history. Sheesh.

Anyway, after Big Hat Days, we met up with Sarah and Logan and went to the Cheesecake Factory for dessert. We had a pretty good time, but the wait was about forever long, which was bad because we had a one-and-a-half-year-old and a teenager who had plans. Fortunately, the teenager was pretty laid-back about it, and the one-and-a-half-year-old is relatively easily entertained. There was a pretty touchy five minutes, though. We finally got to eat, and we all had our tasty desserts, and on the way back to the car, Mom was like, "I feel bad, because I know they hate it when people come just for dessert like that," and we were like, "They do!? Oh no! We're terrible people!!" The really ironic part is that we were just about to buy some dessert to-go from the bakery (thus making us less hateful in the eyes of restaurant staff by not taking up tables) and leave when our little pager thingie started flashing. We calm ourselves down by telling ourselves they wouldn't call themselves the Cheesecake Factory if they didn't expect people to come just for dessert. And even if they would, that's just very poor planning.

After that, Mom took us home, and we ended up not having enough time to satisfactorily play Kingdom Hearts (sometimes it's worse to only play for a little bit than not at all), so we watched Psych instead. And then we discovered that if we'd just signed in to our Hulu Plus account, we would have been able to watch all the current Psych episodes. *head desk*

Oh right, speaking of Kingdom Hearts! ...It's pretty much the same old (awesome) Kingdom Hearts. But the pictures are less pixelly, and the music is shinier. Not surprisingly, we're really liking the Japanese voices, but we haven't gotten to any of the Disney worlds yet, so...oh, who am I kidding, of course we'll like them because we're biased. It's true that we don't like how they did Kronk in the Japanese dub of The Emperor's New Groove, but this is Kingdom Hearts, and that movie has yet to be represented.

Today I'm thankful for another great General Conference, getting to go to Big Hat Days, getting to look forward to buying some Welsh cakes, shiny HD music in Kingdom Hearts ReMix, and getting to wear our Tiger & Bunny shirts out in public.
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