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Today we had a knock on the door. This was most unexpected, and a bit alarming, as Mom had said at one point that if we started ignoring Steve's phonecalls he would start coming to our apartment. I don't think failing to respond to one e-mail before the day is through is enough to get even him to think we're ignoring him, but nevertheless, we were alarmed. As was Oreo, who spent the most adorable few minutes peeking out from under my covers.

So I looked out the peephole to see who it was, and all I saw was someone who had apparently just gotten to the bottom of the stairs outside, walking away. This must mean we have a package of some sort--strange, as we hadn't ordered anything, nor had we heard anything about getting books from our boss. I thought maybe she'd answered our request to get all of Fruits Basket and Ai Yori Aoshi for flashback reference, but there was nothing on the mat when I opened the door. That's because the package was small enough to fit in the door handle, which is where the mailman left it.

Very mysterious.

So I open it, and inside is a little plastic bag, with another, more opaque, plastic bag inside it. For a second, I was worried that someone had sent us anthrax, despite having checked the return address and seen that it was from Disney Auctions. Not that anyone has any reason that we know of to send us anthrax, but anyway.

Inside the second bag was an adorable collectors' pin with Mickey Mouse wearing a reporter outfit holding a microphone that said "Disney Insider" on it! Soooo cute!

The pin was actually one of the first prizes in the Win the Ultimate-Insider Trip to Disneyland Sweepstakes, that we had entered almost every day since we heard about it through the Disney Insider newsletter. I'm a little sad that we seem to have missed out on the grand prize, which was a five-day trip to Disneyland for four with all sorts of VIP privileges. We would have taken Celeste and Sarah and it would have been freakin' awesome. We still haven't quite given up hope that the pin came separately (it's not only the first prize, but part of the grand prize), but it's nothing to hold our breaths over.

Now we have to figure out some other way to get Sarah to Disneyland for the 50th Anniversary Celebration. And what with the Thanksgiving thing and the asking for money for a Japanese PS2, that could be very difficult. Of course, theoretically, Mom could take Sarah without us... but that would just be sad. And who would save their seats?

Oh well. I'm sure something will work itself out. And in the meantime, I'm thankful for cute trading pins (though I doubt I'll pick up the hobby), the postal service, pretty coffee mugs (we're holding pens in ours), volume control, and October.
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