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Happy Easter!

Oh man, people have posted so many good Easter messages on Facebook today. I think we'll jump on the bandwagon and share this video. Basic paraphrase: because of what happened on Easter, everything that goes wrong in life can be fixed.

As for our celebration, we went to Mom's house for dinner. Tadah! There was an Easter egg "hunt" for Logan, but it took a few tries to show him that the goal was to find eggs. They weren't hidden; Mom just tossed them all around the lawn. And they were all filled with jelly beans, which Logan loved. According to Sarah, he likes things that make sound when you shake them. So he'd pick up an egg, shake it to hear the sound, and then open it up! And all the jelly beans would spill onto the ground, unless a grownup was quick enough to get their hands under it. It was exasperatingly adorable. Sometimes, he would proceed to pick up the jelly beans and put them back in the egg. He wasn't always very good at that, but it was cute.

We played the Game of Things, and one of the things everyone was asked to write down was something they'd like to wake up to, and all the women (except, ironically, for Athena) wrote down something that involved Disneyland (Athena's answer was Miyu Irino singing Under the Sea). So of course Athena and I were like, "Well let's just go!" and everyone else had to point out that they have other things they need to spend all that money on. As much as it costs to get into Disneyland these days, we can't really blame them anymore. Sigh.

Today I'm thankful for having a lovely Easter with family, Logan's adorable egg hunt, See's bordeaux eggs, all the great Easter messages people have been sharing on Facebook, and the Atonement.
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