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Tropical rainforest!

Today is another day of not knowing what to post about, so I have more zoo pictures!

First, there's this kangaroo.
 photo IMG_2939640x480_zpse3f5a96a.jpg

 photo IMG_2946640x480_zps23280053.jpg
You know, even after everything they said on Polar Bear Cafe, I'm still not exactly sure how to tell a llama from an alpaca.

This goat just kept following me around. I think it's a goat, but its head came about to my shoulder.
 photo IMG_2947640x480_zpsd32654d0.jpg

I forgot what this thing is called. For now, I call it the thing that looks like a warthog but isn't.
 photo IMG_2950640x480_zpsc8085186.jpg
Pretty cute, anyhow.

I also do not know what this bird is called, but it's purdy.
 photo IMG_2959640x480_zps52745096.jpg

 photo IMG_2960640x480_zps160ab3d2.jpg
They're why we insisted on coming back to this aviary. When we went before, we had forgotten that spoonbills make up Mama Odie's choir in The Princess and the Frog. Then we watched Disney on Ice with the super awesome spoonbill costumes, and we had to go look at the real ones again.

And some scarlet ibises.
 photo IMG_2962640x480_zps6bea75f8.jpg

Some more birds I don't know the names of, but the black and white one is really cool-looking.
 photo IMG_2964640x480_zpsdc00878b.jpg

 photo IMG_2965640x480_zpsd2999516.jpg

I was trying to take a picture of some other bird, when suddenly! a bunch of spoonbills flew over my head! I moved the camera as fast as I could, and this is the picture I got.
 photo IMG_2966640x480_zps2bd267b9.jpg

Right, this is what I was trying to get a picture of. It wasn't a bird at all--it was a porcupine!
 photo IMG_2967640x480_zpsc5874c1a.jpg

We think this is the kind of parrot Gaston's parents have that Gaston really hates.
 photo IMG_2968640x480_zps0c8cd5d2.jpg
This little guy was having some kind of a really heated argument with the giant blue macaws...which I didn't photograph. But anyway, the argument is what got the spoonbills in the air. Not sure if they were flying toward it to watch or away from it.

 photo IMG_2969640x480_zps2cf1a6fa.jpg

This is the only picture I managed to get of this guy.
 photo IMG_2970640x480_zps5c03eb16.jpg
I think I have a habit of wanting to photograph anything that looks like it's trying to hide.

It's bill is blue!
 photo IMG_2971640x480_zps8ddb94e3.jpg

I think this one's called a sun bittern. There was a picture of it with its wings and tail spread out on the aviary guide, and apparently there's a really cool pattern hidden on that bird.
 photo IMG_2972640x480_zps2a37ab67.jpg

I believe this was one of my attempts to get an Inca tern to fly (and photograph it) by poking one.
 photo IMG_2973640x480_zpsb521bef4.jpg

And finally (for now), I had to get a picture of Michael and Pierre.
 photo IMG_2976640x480_zpscaade20b.jpg
Those may or may not be their real names, but they are the names of two of the macaws in the Tiki Room.

Today I'm thankful for finishing work just a little bit early today, having a good time helping people index names at the activity last night, the cool aviaries they have at the zoo, mini Heath bars at the Family History Library, and not having to work tomorrow.
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