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Currently the biggest problem we're having with our new Koe no Ouji-sama CD is that we can't just listen to Compass of Your Heart on loop. Come to think of it, we probably could if we put the CD in the computer, and we definitely could if we then proceeded to rip that one song onto the hard drive. We just don't think of it very much, because with our last computer, the CD drive died long before the computer, so we're just not used to having a working CD drive. So we listen to our CDs on the CD player. Yeah, we're old school.

Obviously, from this you can deduce that we've pretty much gotten over the fact that it's not one of our favorite voice actors singing, and that Suwabe-san seems to be having a hard time hitting all the notes...but really, we can't blame him at all, because that song has a huge range of notes. (If anything, we'd blame whoever it was that assigned the song. I'm pretty sure Kouichi Yamadera, for example, could have hit all the notes.) It was so cute, after we posted yesterday, we went to the CD's official website, and this time they actually had video comments from all of the singers (but none of the narrators)! Yuuki Kaji had the cutest video, which is why we're currently listening to Part of That World...well, that and it's the song right before Compass of Your Heart. We could just listen to the whole CD again, but what if we don't have time? (We did listen to it all earlier today, while we were indexing names.)

Anyway. Suwabe-san talked about how incredibly hard it was to sing both the songs he sings, but he did his best, and he hopes that everyone will listen with a yasashii kokoro. So we don't judge him too harshly. Plus, he's Detective Inaba, so. (Interesting fact about that--the voice of Inaba in the CD dramas was the guy we thought should be singing this song on this CD, Tomokazu Seki.)

As for Yuuki Kaji...first of all, I'm not sure why I insist on spelling his name with two Us, but...I do. Anyway, he was so cute! He talked about how he really loves Disney, and he had heard about the other CDs, and he always thought it could be nice to be on one of them, and now he is and he feels honored! And he's soooo cute! ...Hopefully he doesn't mind being called cute. And he always liked The Little Mermaid, so he kind of knew the lyrics already. He was also the only one of the singers who had specific Disneyland memories, even though they asked all of them. He talked about how nice the cast members are, and how one of his friends dropped his camera on a ride, and a cast member not only helped them look, but when they found it, the cast member went into the pond it had fallen in to get it out for them.

Daisuke Ono's memory was that he wanted to go into a restaurant, but he was already too full on popcorn, churros, and smoky chicken legs. It was funny, because his comment was the first one we watched that talked about Disneyland memories, and the first thing he mentioned was the popcorn. When we went to church in Japan, and everybody came to talk to us, we told them we went to Disneyland and without fail they would ask, "Did you try the popcorn?" I'm glad he also mentioned churros, though, because churros. (What the heck? Why isn't churro in Chrome's spelling dictionary?) Ono-san also talked about how is song is about Halloween, but he's Japanese, so he doesn't have a lot of Halloween memories. He also tried a few different translations of his own for the title of his song. That and the fact that he sang the "yama mambo" briefly during Polar Bear Cafe has us wondering if he's a language geek like us. His pronunciation of all the English in his song (and there's a lot) is really good.

I just remembered that Kaji-kun also talked about the other song he sang, Magical Moments, and how when he heard it, he liked it a lot and felt like a failure as a fan for not having heard it before. We could totally relate! But in our case, we don't hold it against ourselves for not knowing Tokyo Disneyland songs, because we're at a bit of a disadvantage in that department. But I do think it's neat that that song was written by the same team that wrote the music for Fantasmic!. Oh! and when he was talking about Part of That World, he was like, "It's koe no ouji-sama, but I'm singing an ohime-sama song, so I hope that's okay, and I really hope you all like it." He's adorable♥ (Incidentally, the very obviously gender-specific lines of the song were gender-neutral in the Japanese lyrics, but there are a few slightly girly "wa"s and "no yo"s.)

So we were just sitting here trying to think of characters Yuuki Kaji plays that will help people remember that they like him, and we were like, "Oh yeah, he does play Yumasaki in Durarara!!, doesn't he? That's...quite a different perspective." He's also Shiodome in Miracle Train, Lyon in Fairy Tail, Ryuichi in Gakuen Babysitters, Akira in Missions of Love, Thumbelina in Ouji thing thing thing (okay, so we're the only ones who really care about that particular casting, but we care a lot), Hope in Final Fantasy XIII...and Alibaba in Magi. I guess that one's sort of popular? Smart people on Twitter seem to talk about how awful it is a lot. We like it alright, and Banri Hidaka likes the manga, and she says all the voices really matched in the anime...oh, and speaking of Hidaka-sensei, Junichi Suwabe plays Mitsuya in the VB Rose CD dramas.

Okay, I think I'm done rambling now. Unless we want to talk about our wild schemes to try to get Glenn Slater to give us a demo copy of Compass of Your Heart. He wrote the lyrics, which I'm guessing he did in English, because Glenn Slater is not a Japanese name, and we know he speaks English because he wrote the lyrics for the Tangled songs. We had some fun imaginactments on the way to counseling today. So we came up with this little scenario:

Us: How does it feel to have written the lyrics to one of the best songs in Disney history, and have nobody actually hear the lyrics you wrote? Just give us a copy of the demo, we'll post it on YouTube, and it'll go viral! Everyone will hear your words!
Slater: Uh...I don't really have the rights to the song, and who are you people?
Us: Oh come on! Follow the compass of your heart!
Slater: Yeah, it's telling me that would be illegal.
Us: Curses! Foiled again!

And now that we've been overhyping the song, you'll probably go find somebody else's YouTube video and be like, "'s not that great."

Today I'm thankful for super adorable video commentaries from Koe no Ouji-samas (oh right, here's a link!), the amazing ease with which we can play our favorite songs over and over and over again, the super awesome episode of Castle that was on this week, having a ride to the grocery store tomorrow, and our MP3 player arriving today.
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