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Koe no Disneyland!

I have so many mixed up emotions right now, and it's not helping that LJ's being weird again. Arrrrgh!

I guess I should mention something about the Croods. Whatever. It had stunning visuals. The story was kind of repetitive for the first bajillion years of the movie. Or half. What is that, like 45 minutes? I don't know, I'm annoyed. I mean really, did they need to have every family member step on the sharp shells? But the one guy is totally based on Kamina. Maybe Kamina and Simon, but definitely Kamina. And he even has a drill-shaped shell around his neck; it was totally deliberate.

Speaking of Kamina, our hearts have been torn out by the latest Koe no Ouji-sama CD. ...That's not really related to Kamina at all, but his voice actor is another one who is not on that CD. Of course, out of all the voice actors in Japan, there are definitely more who are not on the CD than are, but there were some notable absences, and so we are very unhappy.

We still like it; we just have to get used to it.

So remember how we mentioned a Very Important Shipping Confirmation yesterday? Back in February when we were buying standard edition Koe no Ouji-sama CDs, we discovered there was going to be a third one. We knew there would be, so we weren't very surprised, and for some reason we didn't even bother ordering it right then...oh right, we were trying to decide where to order it from. But the point is, it's out now, and we have it! Yay! We even got it on the release date! Squee!!

This time, we decided to be as surprised as possible! This was super easy, because it turns out there's a bunch of songs on it we haven't heard before! Because the theme is Tokyo Disney Resort! So it has a bunch of songs from Tokyo Disneyland that didn't really make it here, because. I can't think up reasons for things right now!!

We were pretty bummed this morning, because we tracked the package, and it said it left San Francisco at like eight in the morning, so we figured it wouldn't show up at our place until tomorrow. But then...there was a knock at the door! And I knew right away it was the CD!

But we had work to do. So we actually managed to push ourselves through an entire workday, and then, finally, we were able to listen to the CD we'd anxiously been awaiting for about a month.

It started out with a storytelling. That was the one thing we weren't surprised about, because some email or something had a track list, and I wasn't able to think to look away. We were okay with it, though, because it was a sign that Akira Ishida had returned. So it started...and we heard Kouichi Yamadera. The heck? Well, he did tell the Tangled story on the other one, so okay, I guess. Maybe Ishida-san's on it later.

The only problem was that it didn't have the actual music from Cinderella, and that drove me crazy. They did the same thing with Tangled, and I'm like, "Hello? Half the magic of Disney is the music!" Whatever. And then I had a hard time focusing on the storytelling, which is kind of a shame, because Yamadera-san used all kinds of interesting voices. His "bibbid bobbidi boo" was especially adorable.

Finally it ended, and it was time for a song! Aloha E Komo Mai, from the Enchanted Stitch Room! Woohoo! ...Athena barely managed to identify the singer as Hiroshi Kamiya because he always sings the first song. She tells me it was more like, "It might be him. He always sings the first one, and it did sound like Penguin once." She also thought, "I knew he'd be singing the Tiki Room on this CD."

Then it was a whole string of singers that we couldn't recognize! Arrrgh! The next song was from the Halloween Parade, so of course we didn't recognize it, and we couldn't recognize the singer, because we fail. We excuse ourselves by saying we're still learning how to identify Daisuke Ono, but I thought I succeeded in doing that in Magi! Still, it's really fun to think of Shizuo Heiwajima singing a song called "It's so much fun." It has a whole different nuance when you think of how the lyrics talk about it being so much fun to hear people shout and scream.

Next was Chim Chim Cher-ee, and we were happy that we managed to at least identify a song. It was sung by Takuma Terashima, who is adorable. He's in very little that we've seen, but he is Hameln in Labyrinth of Grimm, and Snow White in Ouji thing thing thing. So that was exciting...but the song was even more repetitive than it is in the English version, so we were like, "Translator! Don't be lazy!"

Then it was another storytelling! And we were like, "Blaaah." We might not have been like that if it had been Akira Ishida, but it wasn't! And we were like, "Ishida! You've set a bad precedent!" The story was Winnie the Pooh, and this time they actually used Winnie the Pooh music, so that was a little bit happier, but we failed again to identify Kazuya Nakai...we thought we knew his voice better. We've even managed to identify him before hearing his character talk! ...I guess that doesn't really count as being good at identifying the voice quality, though. He plays the guy from Chihayafuru...Hyoro-kun, or something? From the rival Tokyo school. Nishida's sister's boyfriend.

Next was Zippi...what the heck, Disney! Why do you have so many songs with made-up impossible-to-spell words? This is the third one this CD! For crying out loud! (You can tell we're tense when we yell at Disney.) Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah. That one. From Song of the South Splash Mountain. And that was sung by Kosuke Toriumi, who is also in Uta no Prince-sama (he's the cat). So now we're wondering if they're just replacing all the Koe no Ouji-samas with Uta no Prince-samas. But that doesn't make sense because Kenichi Suzumura was on the first CD and hasn't returned.

We enjoyed the song, though, and then, finally, there was a song we recognized immediately, from the very intro! We'd know'know. Du-nuh-nuh-nuh du-nuh-nuh-nuh... It just doesn't work in text, but it's the intro to Part of That World, and we'd recognize it anywhere. And then, the singer started singing, and we were like, "Wait! I think I actually know this voice!"

So first we made one guess, but it wasn't quite him...then we guessed Yuuki Kaji, and bam! Finally got one right. Woohoo! And we heart him, which is even better. And now we heart him even more for singing Part of That World. Athena said she's gonna make it her ringtone. And then we talked about people hearing it, and thinking, "What...what is that? It sounds like that song from the Little Mermaid, but it's in some weird language, and it sounds kind of like a guy." He's so adorable.

And then we were like, "That's from Mermaid Lagoon. Now we know for sure they're doing DisneySea. Does that mean...ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh, does that mean!?" Then the next song started playing, and we were like, "Is it...? IS it...? IS IT...!? It's--EEEEEEEEEEE!!" It was a very silent EEEE, because we were listening, but there was real flailing. Just today during work I was thinking about how it's a shame there's no one around to see our reactions to stuff, because we're hilarious.

So here's the thing. With the other Koe no Ouji-sama CDs, we noticed a pattern in the songs the repeat Oujis chose. That's how Athena knew Hiroshi Kamiya was going to sing the Tiki Room song (although she didn't really expect him to, because they changed the Tiki Room to the Stitch version). We had fun speculating about what Takahiro Sakurai, Hikaru Midorikawa, and Tomokazu Seki would sing. Seki-san was the important one, because his pattern was "songs representing everything the Twins love ever." While there are a few other songs that fit the category, the only one that can make us any more squeeful than the songs he's already sung is "Compass of Your Heart" from Sindbad's Storybook Voyage.

Sindbad's Storybook Voyage is like, the best dark ride ever of all time. Especially if you like the things the Twins like. When we went to Tokyo DisneySea, we went on that ride three times! And we would have gone on it more if we didn't want to see BraviSEAmo, which really wasn't worth it--we totally should have gone on Sindbad's Storybook Voyage again. We probably could have gone on it twice, too.

So when this song started up, a song that we've played in our heads oh so many times since our trip to Japan, a song we've always wanted a recording of but could never find...oh my goodness, yes. And then we were really impatient because the first verse is sung by a whole chorus of people. What the heck? How are we supposed to hear the star singer like that?

Finally the chorus went away...and it wasn't Tomokazu Seki singing. What? But... but... but why...? We were devastated. Still very happy to hear the song, but...but... Seki-san! How could you abandon us like that?

Instead, it was sung by Junichi Suwabe. We've had a fondness for him ever since we saw the extras for Bus Gamer. Athena recalls him drinking a vile concoction as part of a penalty game, and afterwards saying, "I drank it...for you." Or some such flirtatious thing. And he's always had a very sexy voice. Like, when we heard him playing the brother in Karin (Chibi Vampires), we thought, "Sure those scenes in FF10 with Seymour and Yuna are traumatizing in English. But if he's playing might not be so objectionable."

It's just...not always my type. And when he sings, it's like...Okay, this might not make any sense unless you've heard it, but Tomokazu Seki sings out, and his voice just goes. Suwabe-san's voice seems to hit a wall somewhere along the way. Kind of like a muffling, but...not...?

So. It was a great finale to the CD either way. Then we were a little stunned to realize the CD was already over. What the heck, that's only eight tracks, and two of them are just talking! What! the heck!

Well, fine, we have the deluxe version. We'll just put in disc two. Then it was super cute, because it was Hiroshi Kamiya and Yuuki Kaji since...something we don't recognize, because it's a Tokyo Disneyland song, but it's cute, because they're Ace and Machina in Final Fantasy: Type-0, and Ace and Machina are like best buds...sort of.

But the next song was Junichi Suwabe with...Hikaru Midorikawa!? What the heck? How come you came back, and why weren't you on disc one!? Please tell me that means Takahiro Sakurai is back! I so desperately wanted to hear him sing Feed the Birds!

And then the next song was Kosuke Toriumi and...Ryotaro Okiayu!? What is going on!? How can you be back!? You weren't even on the first CD! The next song BETTER BE Sakurai and Seki...sans...! (Incidentally, they sang the theme song from BravaSEAmo, which we didn't recognize to the point of wondering, "It had a song?" That just goes to show how much we regretted the decision to not go on the Sindbad ride again. We were probably also distracted because after the show, we were exhausted and trying to shop for souvenirs for people.)

Then the last song started, and we recognized it immediately! Because it's on the Jubilation CD we bought at Tokyo Disneyland! We listen to that CD every so often when we're indexing names, and it often makes me tear up. So good. It was the Tokyo Disney Resort 25th Anniversary Theme Song. Only this time, it was the Japanese version...which still had a lot of English. ...And that's when we remembered that Terashima-san and Ono-san hadn't sung a duet yet. So much for Seki-san and Sakurai-san. But you could tell they both really loved singing that song, and they have really nice voices, so it's okay. (It didn't help that we're used to the more upbeat parade version, and this was the more ballad-y version. But we'll get over it.)

But man. We're really bummed that Tomokazu Seki and Takahiro Sakurai aren't on that CD. We were so sure that they were the ringleaders behind the whole Koe no Ouji-sama operation, and now they're gone. Maybe it was Kamiya-san all along. That would just figure, him being Izaya and all. Hopefully they'll be back for the next one.


Today I'm thankful for getting a shiny new Koe no Ouji-sama CD, finally having a recording of our favoritest song of all time, also now having all the lyrics in print, Daisuke Ono singing Disneyland parade songs, and DHL's awesome shipping.
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