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I sort of meant to update earlier today, but I had a headache and wanted to lie down instead. So we watched some scenes from Kingdom Hearts II via Final Mix's theater mode! Tadah! ...Not that I have a whole lot to say about that, except that it's interesting how in the Japanese version of Mulan, Mulan always uses a boy voice when she's Ping, and it's not as obvious as her boy voice in the English version.

Other than that...we did chores! Yay! And we watched a bunch of anime. Oh, Zetsuen no Tempest. You do like to be dramatic, don't you? We were thinking about it, and they have the whole Tree of Genesis and Tree of Exodus thing going on, but the word they're translating to Exodus is Zetsuen, which, based on the kanji, is probably more of a reference to when Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden. I don't know if there's a specific term for that, except maybe the Fall...but that's a different word in Japanese. (Daraku, Athena tells me. She remembers it from reading scriptures in Japanese, which we do together every weekday morning. I don't remember it have a headache? (I think it's actually for the same reason we don't memorize entire movie scripts. You know, like how there are people who could recite every line of dialogue from The Princess Bride or Monty Python and the Holy Grail.))

Anyway, Exodus is when the Israelites fled Egypt...we should check Wikipedia for the Japanese word for that. ...Well, the name of the book in the Bible is "Shutsu Egypt-ki," or "record of leaving Egypt," so there you have it. So much for all the jokes about "When do we get to see the Tree of Deuteronomy?" we used to make.

Anyway. I think that's all I have to ramble about today.

Today I'm thankful for the convenience of Theater Mode, mini Triscuits, getting to sleep in this morning, getting most of the stuff done that we wanted to get done, and not having watched Cuticle Detective Inaba meaning we still have one episode to look forward to whenever we find time to do it.
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