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"We love you, Ember!"

"That's because I fill a void in your empty lives!"

This statement is strangely fitting, as I just had a momentary shut down, my mind went nearly blank, and Ember's song "Remember" stuck itself in my head. This probably has something to do with the fact that strange things were going on with our CD drive, and we wanted something to listen to while we translated Death Scythe, so we went to Butch Hartman's website and listened to all the songs on the timPod. "Remember" is the last one on the list. And, just as a note, "Shiny Teeth" is my new favorite song.

We heard back from Steve, of course. His response wasn't really upsetting enough to make me as upset as it did. He decided to leave us alone about Thanksgiving for a while, but he told us he wanted us to come, a strategy that may have worked if he had tried it three e-mails ago. And, after telling us that we're unhappy with our lives because we refuse to leave our comfort zone, he decided that we needed to know the quote, "Based on your results, you have exactly what you intended." He then went on to explain that what this quote means is that the reason we're where we are is that we wanted to be here, and that if we really wanted to go to Japan, we would have saved up our money and gone already.

My first reaction, as I'm sure many people's would be, was, "Dude, you're full of it. I'm going to ignore you." But, in my never-ending quest to be right, I have to consider the possibility that his statement was correct. We also tend to believe that if someone really wants to reach a goal, they can do it if they try hard enough. So if I keep complaining about not being where I want to be, I think that it's that I'm not trying hard enough to get there. However, as I have recently posted, there are extenuating circumstances that are preventing us from having the funds to go to Japan currently. So it's not that we haven't tried hard enough, but that some obstacles got in the way, and if we want to get to Japan, we now have to make up for lost ground. Or something like that. At any rate, I think I've successfully convinced myself that Steve is once again making sure everyone knows nothing bad is his fault.

It's funny, because his way of "convincing" people makes me simultaneously think that he is very used to getting his way, but that it's obvious he's never been on a debate team. It would be nice if he would address the points that we brought up. I actually said a few things that would have greatly helped his case, had he chosen to act on them (for example, pointing out that he said our going would make the trip easier on Sarah, yet Sarah has never approached us about the subject--if he would have gotten Sarah to talk to us, she could probably have convinced us far better than Steve ever could).

Actually, we were thinking about it last night, and there was one argument that really stuck out. One of two points of our points he actually did address was the cats. Part of why we don't want to go is because we would have to find someone to take care of them. He said something to the effect of they'll be fine on their own and we shouldn't let them control our lives. This is somewhat ironic, as he's obviously trying to take some control over our lives himself. But that's not what really bothered us about the statement.

The main thing about this statement is that it sounds very similar to the reason Mom gave for not listening to our pleas for her to wait to get married: we can take care of ourselves, and should not be controlling her life. Suddenly, it seems like Steve had a much bigger hand in all those fights than we realized. It seems like a fairly standard persuasion tactic, so I was about to say that it wasn't necessarily Steve who planted the idea into her head. But Mom wasn't trying to convince us that we needed to take control of our lives, she was trying to convince us that she needed to take control of hers. Or rather, give that control to her boyfriend, just as we would be giving our control of our Thanksgiving weekend to him. This is all just speculation, though, so I can't really hold it against anyone.

And I'm really not sure how productive it is to come online and try to convince everyone of Steve's evilness. I don't want to ruin anyone's reputation... actually, I guess I kind of do, since Mom thinks he's the greatest thing ever. We were doing so well when he was leaving us alone. *sigh*

At any rate, it would appear that he doesn't really want us to join them for Thanksgiving, as he has been very successful in convincing to stay here (or maybe try to get plane tickets to Maryland and spend the holiday with Dad and his fiancee--Mom would love that), and based on his results, he has exactly what he intended.
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