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For crying out loud, boringness all over the internet all week, until this morning everybody has ridiculously long articles to post to on Facebook. It would have been awesome if not for the fact that this morning is when we actually had work to do, and work that our employer wants done quickly. Fortunately, it seems to be going pretty quickly.

Anyway, last night we discovered that Netflix has new episodes of Pair of Kings and My Little Pony. We always rush to get to the TV show we usually watch, so we don't know how long this has been the case, because we never let the images load, and it's the images representing the shows that tell us that there are new episodes. But we finally got to start watching them last night. We started with Pair of Kings, and we have very mixed feelings about it.

This particular season started right around the time we canceled our cable, so we knew the kings were going to get a new brother, but it didn't occur to me that that meant one of them would be leaving! Brady! How could you!? You never let Mikayla's aversion to you stop you before! I mean, while it's probably the only thing that could get Brady to leave without Boomer, it's still kind of a weak reason, especially for him to leave forever without a word, after two whole seasons about how strong they were when they worked together as brothers and blah blah blah. We want to check the internets to find out why they had to get rid of him, but we don't want to spoil it if, for example, he comes back for an episode or two. (<--wishful thinking) I did not realize how much Brady was our favorite character until he left.

If they had to replace him, at least they seem to have made a good choice. We always liked Adam Hicks when he was on Zeke & Luther, so I was excited to see him in this show...until I learned why he was there. Still, the writers did their best. Him being raised by monkeys is a pretty cool character trait. I think his aversion to Mikayla could be really funny, too, if they use it more. We'll just have to see.

Later, we watched new (to us) My Little Pony episodes (the beginning of season three (the Crystal Empire)), and they still had every character, which made us feel a little bit better. There is one very minor complaint, in that the first two seasons both started with episodes about how they all had to work together, while this one started with a thing for just Twilight. We just like to watch things where people get included. But other than that, it was a pretty cool couple of episodes.

Changing the subject completely, we finally got a shipping confirmation from Play-Asia, which means our copy of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMix is on its way! We're still old-fashioned enough to not have an HDTV, but we have a PS3, and that's all we need! We're so excited to get to play the first Kingdom Hearts with all the Japanese voices! Eeeeeeee! ...I'm finding myself wishing we'd gone with a faster shipping option. That's okay, though, because we have work to do, so it will be good to get a lot of it done before we take a day off to play with our new(ly ReMixed) Kingdom Hearts game.

Today I'm thankful for new episodes of some of our favorite TV shows, shipping confirmation for Kingdom Hearts 1.5, having fun work to do today, having plans to go to the temple tonight, and thoughts of playing the original Kingdom Hearts in Japanese.
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