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Sequels galore!

Our Disney Movie Club order shipped today! We started this thing, since Sarah said she wants a collection of Disney movies, that when a Disney movie comes out on Blu-ray, we'll buy it and give Sarah our DVD. But then we faltered, because Disney started this thing, for reasons unknown, where when a Disney movie comes out on Blu-ray, it comes packaged with its sequel. So we can't get the movie on Blu-ray without getting it's dumb old sequel.

...Okay, that's not fair. We haven't actually seen most of the sequels. We've really only seen the Aladdin sequels and the Little Mermaid sequels...and one Beauty and the Beast sequel, Jungle Book 2, and Return to Neverland. It sounds like a lot, but there are actually a lot more than that. But you see, the ones we've seen have done nothing to convince us that we actively want to pursue watching the others...rather the opposite, in many cases. The Jungle Book 2 isn't so bad. Not great, but not bad.

Still, since The Hunchback of Notre Dame (not the sequel) is one that we really like, I thought it would be a shame not to get the Blu-ray. And so we have decided we might as well give its sequel and the Brother Bear sequel a chance, because we can get all four movies for one low price as this month's featured title(s). Who knows? Maybe we'll actually like them. At the very least, it will give us more stuff to analyze to death.

I think the biggest problem we have with it is that the other day we read a quote from some big shot in the animation industry who said that hand-drawn animation has "become an excuse for bad storytelling." We're not sure if that's exactly what he meant, because that sounds like he's saying studios say, "Hand-drawn animation? Time to phone it in," which might be what studios do, but why would you take a bad story and specifically make it with one of the most time-consuming and expensive methods of movie-making? Well, nobody ever said Hollywood made sense. But it does seem true that some average Joes think that a hand-drawn animated movie will have bad storytelling. We think it's possible that the Disney sequels are part of the cause of this misconception, and specifically making it so you have to buy the worse movie in order to get the better movie seems like trying to prove to the public that hand-drawn animation is bad storytelling.

Still, having not seen these movies, I shouldn't judge. It's possible that the people who made the decision were like, "You know, these sequels aren't too bad, and the people who made them did put a lot of love into them. We should put them out there where people are more likely to see them!" And that's another one of the reasons we figured we might as well go ahead and buy them. We'll see how we like them.

Today I'm thankful for our movies having shipped, Mom taking us to the See's Candy store, having some great chocolate to look forward to on Easter, finally being on volume 2 of our complete Sherlock Holmes collection, and the thought of having work tomorrow.
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