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The zoo: a visual essay(?)

I was at a total loss what to write about for LiveJournal today, so since we had some extra time, we decided to get some pictures ready for sharing. Really, trips to the zoo are much better shared with pictures than with just writing.

Cute puppies!
 photo IMG_2886640x480_zps7d1b7396.jpg
(Also known as wolves.)

Then Logan found the playground.
 photo IMG_2890640x480_zpsfc05414c.jpg
The other moms thought it was so cute that we could yell at him, "Say cheese!" and he would pose. He just loves the spotlight.

This emu is a very friendly bird. The first time we went to the zoo, it followed us around...well, as much as it could, considering.
 photo IMG_2891640x480_zps80858d3f.jpg

The Galaaaapagoooossss tortoiiiise...never mind, I can't keep that up. I'm too fast a talker. Anyway, it was inside the first time we came to the zoo, and the second time, but when we came out of the reptile house, there it was! So I had to get a picture.
 photo IMG_2895640x480_zps90362fed.jpg

The sea lion exhibit also had some really cool pelicans.
 photo IMG_2902640x4792_zps0ad2e614.jpg

In this picture, we blurred out the docents' faces. We did it because we didn't have permission to post their likenesses, but I almost feel worse now that it's been done. Still, cool sea lion.
 photo IMG_2906640x480_zps64f4fbba.jpg

Ariel the harbor seal.
 photo IMG_2907640x480_zpse05a1737.jpg

It's so cute when animals poke their heads out of things.
 photo IMG_2915640x480_zps701a07df.jpg

The whole time we listened to the one docent giving us all the cool information on sea lions, I could see another one in the water, making the sea lions jump around in the background. I really wanted to get a picture of the sea lion in action, so I trained the camera on that area and tried to push the button whenever I caught movement. This is the closest thing I got to success.
 photo IMG_2920640x479_zps1f730975.jpg
Later, as we walked around the rest of the exhibit, we discovered that wouldn't ya know it, the sea lion tricks were being performed right by a big viewing area. Next time...

The obligatory underwater photograph:
 photo IMG_2923640x480_zps8de7bce9.jpg

 photo IMG_2928640x480_zps6b3c0833.jpg

When we cropped this picture, we remembered hearing that the best photographs don't have the subject right in the center, so we tried getting artsy. What do you think?
 photo IMG_2929640x480_zpsdf467c62.jpg

Finally, I wanted to show everybody the cool stripes on this zoo's zebras. See how it's a black stripe, then a gray stripe, then a black stripe...
 photo IMG_2935640x480_zpsdaa9945f.jpg

Actually, the last picture we had ready was of a lounging kangaroo, but PhotoBucket took all my pictures before I could add that one to the batch. I guess that's the limit of how many pictures you can upload at once. We'll just have to share the kangaroo photo next time.

Today I'm thankful for once again discovering how incredibly easy it is to resize pictures with our new computer's software, the nice weather we had on the way to the store, having multi-use Fresh & Easy coupons for Ben & Jerry's ice cream (they don't have a huge selection, but they've got a couple really good flavors), lemurs, and being able to talk faster than the giant tortoise in Polar Bear Cafe.
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