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The battle rages on...

Athena has said on more than one occasion that she doesn't like Steve because he makes her want to say things that make her feel like a bad person for thinking. This is a sentiment that I share, though I don't always feel like as bad a person, and therefore lack some of her restraint.

This time the battlefield was e-mail. Steve e-mailed us to let us know that he sent our resume to some people so not to be surprised if we get phonecalls from them, and PS have we decided we're going with them to Seattle yet. We e-mailed back with a thank you, and no we haven't decided, and here's a list of reasons why--should you want to convince us to go with you, it would be best to convince us that the pros outweigh the cons. Perhaps a please would have been in order.

He e-mails back saying that Thanksgiving isn't about convenience, it's about family, and he's doing all this because he loves us, and we need to get our of our comfort zone every so often and maybe if we did we'd be happier with where we are in life. I thought of posting the whole thing to see if anyone else felt it was as insulting as we did, but I think that might be a breach of Steve's privacy. Not that just telling you all about it isn't.

We really think that people need to be careful what they say to us, because we will take it literally. This is why someone like Steve should never say to us that we should be blunt. Even when he does, we hold back some, but I think I may have said too much. I told him that his family is not our family, and if he really cared as much as he said, he was doing a very bad job of showing it, and I went so far as to say that we actually prefer it when he leaves us alone, because then, being away from his annoyance, we're able to hate him less. I really think I went too far, and I thought of e-mailing an apology (we haven't gotten a response yet; we probably sent it after he left work), but it was all true, so I can't say, "Sorry, we didn't mean it."

I also told him that we leave our comfort zone when we see fit, and he doesn't realize it because we don't report to him when we do. And I pointed out to him that he is the main reason we're not where we want to be in life. He may not actually be the main reason, but he certainly is one of the main reasons. We'll see what his reaction is... tomorrow? I don't know.

I think part of the communication problem we're having is that he's trying to read things between the lines that aren't there. This is actually something we've suspected a lot of people of doing, but Steve is the one who has told us that he's reading between the lines. Is it that the things we say are just so unusual or unusually honest that people can't believe that there's any possiblity of us actually telling the truth? Or is it just that everyone else is hiding things, so they assume that we are too? Really all we wanted was someone to prove to us that going to Seattle would be worth our while. Apparently his reasoning is that we're bad people who are ruining our lives if we don't. Oy.

On a happier note, because baranoneko loves us, she told us that we should watch Gakuen Alice because it has at least one voice actor that we really like. She even remembered not to tell us who it was! We love you, baranoneko!!

So we downloaded the first episode yesterday and watched it today. As the episode went on, since all our favorite seiyuu are guys and there were so many girls, I was getting the feeling that he wasn't going to show up until at least the next episode. I thought the episode would surely be over soon, because I have a terrible sense of time. But then this random guy (okay, so maybe not so random) showed up, and as soon as he started talking, we were addicted to the series. The more he spoke, the more addicted to the series we became, partly because of the actual story (which is adorable!) but mostly because of his voice. And he talked a lot, which can be unusual for his characters. The Twins are very happy. And the girl said to him, "You're really an onee-san, aren't you?" Bwahahahahahaha!!!

So tonight I'm thankful for Gakuen Alice, Matantei Loki Ragnarok (shoot! Volume 1 comes out on DVD tomorrow. Darn lack of funds), the Matantei Loki Ragnarok theme songs, Hot Pockets, and light up thingies.
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