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We turned in our Fairy Tail translation before lunch, and we're feeling pretty good about it! I mean, not only do we feel like we did a pretty good job on it, but we have extra time to do stuff! Hurray! Only problem is deciding what stuff to do. There's so much! We'll probably read and then practice music. Then after dinner and Columbo, we'll finish Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days again. Then maybe someday, like tomorrow, we'll watch The Weekenders and/or the Tiger & Bunny movie. In the meantime, industry registration for Anime Expo opened up today, and we have registered! Or at least, we have applied to register? I'm not sure, but I think there's some kind of approval process to make sure you're as industry as you say you are.

And I can't think of anything else to write about, so have a picture of our nephew!
 photo IMG_2944640x480_zpsa02897ca.jpg

And an Inca tern:
 photo IMG_2974640x480_zpse0d9f62d.jpg

Maybe someday I'll post more of my zoo pictures...

Today I'm thankful for finishing that volume of Fairy Tail, having extra time to do stuff today, getting to register(?) for Anime Expo, having a yummy pizza to look forward to for dinner, and getting to make up fun words.
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