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All I want is a good manga scan of Erts!

We were making icons. It was fun. We were going through all our pretty pictures choosing things to make avatars out of. Then Athena says, "We should use that really pretty Ernest picture!" "Brilliant!" I reply, only not really, but I should have.

So we take the really pretty picture of Ernest (from Candidate for Goddess) and make it blue instead of black and white and it's all pretty and stuff and then we say, "We should make a matching Erts one!!" So we went to the scan of the cover of volume 4, but it doesn't match, because it's all in color. Then we decide to do a quick image search on Google, but that didn't help, so we actually went and looked through Anipike to see if we could find anything, but nothing really matched!! *angst!!*

And now, here we are, Erts-icon-less. Maybe we'll go online and download the drivers for our scanner. But then we might have to risk damaging our precious precious manga. It would be neat if we had one of those little scanners... do those really exist, or is that our imagination?

Goku and Hakkai are still our default icon, as I'm sure everyone's noticed. But we also have Yen & Jin (Lagoon Engine) and Maron & Jeanne (Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne). Athena's going to use the pretty Ernest one as her avatar on the Togenkyo forums.

We want to make an icon with this one picture of Risa & Riku from DN Angel, which would then actually match the color we're using for our LJ, but we don't have that picture on our computer, and there are a few chapters of the manga that haven't been published in tankoubon form yet, so we're deathly afraid of spoilers.

Anyway, here's my plug for Candidate for Goddess. It seems to be rather overlooked, even among Yukiru Sugisaki fans (or perhaps that's my imagination too). We didn't care for the anime so much, but the manga is really, really, really good and sometimes we like it better than DN Angel (depending on what mood we're in). And! The English adaptation is done by Marv Wolfman! He created Teen Titans!! He's created more comic book characters that have been made into movie characters than anyone other than Stan Lee!! How cool is that?

...of course, that doesn't necessarily mean the adaptation is true to the original (he even told us he'd probably mess it up--so humble), but when we sampled it, it looked good. So if you're ever in a bookstore by the graphic novel section and you have some time and they have a copy, pick it up and look through it.
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