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Once upon a time (not the show, just the subject line)

We're back! Not that we went anywhere. It's just that yesterday...was yesterday. Now that we were done with our social week, and we actually had some work to do, we were eager to do it! And then it turned out to be hard, and we also had to do laundry. So when we were done working our brains more than we have in quite some time, we decided we'd rather watch TV while doing the hated laundry. And then we had Home Evening Group, which was a little stressful because we had to do the lesson (we did it on this article about integrity), but after that it was super fun, because we played a game called Life Stories. It was obviously a very old game, because one of the questions on the card was "How do you plan to celebrate the new century?" (Basically, there's a bunch of cards with questions on them, and while there are probably more rules than that, we didn't bother with them and just took turns answering questions.) That led inadvertently to tips on how to mimic an Australian accent (from a real Australian!). Apparently Americans have a really hard time dropping Rs.

Anyway, I think it's probably okay to talk about what we've been working on now, so I will. We're doing some pinch-hitting, I think is what it's called. The translator on Fairy Tail was a little swamped, so we're stepping in to lighten the load a little and translate volume 32. Tadah!

We were pretty happy to get the assignment for a few reasons, including that we needed something to do. And! it's something new and different. Also, the anime has a Celtic-inspired soundtrack, so we'd been wanting to get a soundtrack so Athena could have more whistle music to listen to. We just couldn't bring ourselves to do it, because we've been trying to curb our spending and import CDs are not conducive to spending-curbing. But now that we're translating a (one) volume of Fairy Tail, what better music to listen to at work, right? So we got the first soundtrack, and we've been listening to it all week (by which we mean yesterday and today).

And the translation turned out to be harder than we thought, because we're coming in in the middle. We didn't think it would be a problem, because we have been watching the anime, but listening to characters talk and translating that dialogue into similarly nuanced English are two different things, and we just were not used to doing the latter with Hiro Mashima's writing style. Fortunately, I think the acclimatization hasn't taken too long. There are still some tricky parts, especially (for me) with Erza for some reason, but that happens with everything.

Today I'm thankful for excuses to buy Fairy Tail soundtracks, Fairy Tail soundtracks, having Cadbury Creme Eggs to look forward to, having an extra hour of sunlight, and not having given up on watching the Fairy Tail anime (because if we had, we'd be a lot more lost).
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