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Our books finally came today! ...Well, one of them, anyway, and one is all we need to get started. It was especially good timing, because when we ordered the Tiger & Bunny movie, we also ordered a CD that we wanted, specifically to listen to while working on this book, and that package came today, too! I was worried, because, as I've mentioned before, sometimes packages come without our knowledge, and go straight to the office, even when we're at home. And we've been out a lot lately, so I was really worried that the CD Japan package came stealthily, and the book was here, and we can't just wait until the CD Japan package comes--we have a deadline! And if the package happened to already be in the office, we'd never know when it showed up! (Until we went to the office and asked. But we don't like doing that, because it's effort and can be a little awkward if there isn't a package.)

But despite all the perfect timing of the packages in relation to each other, the timing was less than perfect in relation to us, because I had plans to scrub the bathtub today. And we couldn't just put those plans off, because we have a guest coming this weekend. So we just did a little tiny bit of work, and we probably won't get started in earnest until Friday, because tomorrow we have counseling.

Speaking of our guest, I've managed to convince myself that we'll all be going to the zoo on Saturday, so I'm pretty excited about that, which is dangerous because we don't actually have plans to go to the zoo. But they should have the river otters by now! The last time we went to the zoo, they were still getting the exhibit ready. I want to see otters!!!

Right, that was the other thing I wanted to talk about. I know we've said this about a million times in the past and never actually followed through on it, but I'd say we're about 60% more serious about it this time, so here we go again. We want to have a website for Futago Translations. We even found out about, which will help us make a pretty site all on our own without knowing any coding or anything! (That's part of why we're so much more serious this time.) So we're mostly ready to take the plunge and put some stuff on the website and stuff (I know I said stuff twice), but here's the problem: a pretty website isn't really a pretty website until it has a pretty picture. They have default pictures we can use, and there are some that bring cherry blossoms to mind (they might actually be cherry blossoms, but my botanical knowledge is kind of pathetic; at least I can identify more flowers than just sunflowers and tulips), but we were wondering what kind of pictures people expect to see in relation to a translator. Obviously, since we translate manga, manga pictures could work, except that we don't own the rights to anything we translate.

There's also the question of, on the page where we put our list of translations, should we list them chronologically or alphabetically? They will all be divided by publisher, but other than that, we still need some kind of an order to things. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Today I'm thankful for getting our shiny packages today, being done scrubbing the bathtub, river otters, Poptart Oatmeal Delights, and also being done transcribing the music for our choir's song from an organ arrangement to a piano one.
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