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I think the busyness has finally settled down for a little bit, but hopefully we'll get some packages today that change that. On the other hand, maybe it would be better if we don't, because we're not done with all the preparation for visitors.

Anyway, last night we got to go to Costco, because when Steve found out that Dad was going to stay at our place, he was like, "Do you have anything for him to sleep on?" and we were like, "Um...couches?" We kind of get the feeling that Steve has been interested in getting some kind portable bed thing for a while, because he wouldn't let it go, and he even did some research to find what kind of stores would sell that kind of thing. We like having excuses to get cool new stuff, so we were like, "Awesome, let's do it!" And so now we have a neat little mat thing that folds out into a bed. Mom and Steve got a little hutch with three Belgian chocolate bunnies. Suddenly I'm thinking we should have gotten one, too...

After Costco, we went to Home Evening Group, where a friend of ours asked us if we watched the season premiere of Psych. We hadn't, because we don't have cable, and we've been told that Psych episodes don't show up on Hulu until thirty days after they air. Turns out, they don't show up on Hulu Plus until thirty days have passed, but they do show up on regular Hulu! The only reason we hadn't seen it in our queue is that we were only watching via the Wii. So now we've seen the newest episode, and we're very happy. Not that I really have anything important to say about it, except Psych is awesome, but that's not really anything new. It was especially nice to have it to watch after Once Upon A Time, which had an especially annoying episode this week. The non-annoying episode ratio had been going up, but that one was pretty bad.

Oh! I just remembered, I do have stuff to say about Psych. We had read on Wikipedia something about how it was based on or inspired by Sherlock Holmes, and now that we've read the books, we're seeing all the similarities. First of all, they say several times in the books that if Holmes never revealed his lines of reasoning, people would think he had mystical powers or was psychic or something. They're always making time to eat before continuing investigations, Holmes will sign Watson's name to things (the difference being that Watson trusts Holmes more than Gus trusts Shawn, so he's more okay with it), and there was even one time when Holmes created a distraction by making a mess and blaming it on Watson. It's fun.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch new Psych, having a neat folding mattress thingie, the spare bedroom being a lot less cluttered now, getting to see the similarities between Sherlock Holmes and Psych, awesome deliveries to look forward to.
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