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Princess makeovers

Today has been interesting. Or rather, interesting things have happened. I haven't mentioned this before (or maybe I have, but I don't remember), but we've been noticing changes to some of the Disney princess designs. We first started noticing it when they showed pictures on one of the parks blogs of the merchandise commemorating the new Fantasyland expansion in Disney World. Belle's hair was a lot longer and fuller, and the stray lock on her forehead was curly. We thought it was just a thing--they like to have more stylized pictures on the merchandise.

We didn't really like how it looked, but we didn't let it bother us too much until we saw Cinderella's new design in more than one place in the same store. Instead of having her nice sort of a French twist kind of thing, she had a giant ball of hair on her head! And side-sweeping bangs. And her hair was yellower, a lot like Barbie's, which I think is the real reason it bothered us so much. Well, that, and its resemblance to the hairstyles we see coming out of the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, which...they're getting better, but to be honest we always thought they looked a little trashy. Maybe tacky would be a better word. The point is, we don't like them. And now Cinderella officially has one. To be fair, Cinderella still looks nice (not tacky), but the pictures on the merchandise just don't look like Cinderella.

Again, we figured it was just the merchandise, they can do whatever they want with it, we just won't buy it, whatever. (I was especially bothered to see the new Sleeping Beauty, because she always had the prettiest hair of the Disney princesses, and now...) But last Halloween we noticed that the Cinderella at Disneyland had a new wig. We were unhappy. Gaston said we were overreacting, but I bet if he had seen Belle's new design, he would have been upset, too. I don't know, though. Maybe we are overreacting.

But the point is, today we got another of several emails we've been getting from, asking us to take a survey. We're always happy to take Disney surveys, so we did, and that led us to browsing the site to see what all the princess merchandise looks like these days. While we were looking at Snow White stuff, we got a pop-up, offering to let us talk to a cast member. I thought it might be an opportunity to learn something about the reasoning behind the new princess designs. All I got was, "Periodically, we make changes to the princesses to help them fit with the times. Think of it as a makeover." We were like, "Periodically? That's weird, because we've never seen it happen before." When I asked about that, she said they make small changes from time to time (we know that's true as far as the princess dresses they sell, but we've never seen it happen to the princesses themselves before), and they're making some changes right now.

Well, we could have figured all that much out on our own. Boo. I guess we'll just have to settle with "it's just some marketing thing to boost sales." Again, it wouldn't bother us so much if they wouldn't do it to the actual princesses in the parks, but I guess they're trying to minimize the little girl complaints of "but that's not what she looks like! that's not Cinderella's hair!" Sigh.

I need something happier to talk about. We ordered the Tiger & Bunny movie from CD Japan yesterday! We were thinking we'd just go with the regular edition, but when we saw there were fewer copies of the regular edition left than of the special edition, we went crazy and bought the special edition, even though it cost twice as much. It was kind of a, "Hey! Why are all you fans such cheapskates!?" sort of rebellious spirit, that, now that we've calmed down, we realize is because duh, we're not all made of money here. But we wanted the special edition, so it all works out.

Today I'm thankful for getting to order the Tiger & Bunny movie, being able to watch the real Disney princesses with their real hairstyles whenever I want, the beautiful weather today, having paid the rent, and also having ordered that Durarara!! CD we've been wanting.
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