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I'm a little worried that we're getting into lazy habits. We don't have a whole lot of work to do right now, and we have a few productive things in the works, but today we just didn't feel like doing any of them, so we didn't. But not really in the, "blah, I'm so sick of the world," kind of way that we used to be lazy in. In a more cheerful, "No, I'd really rather just watch anime today," kind of way. So that's what we did!

Specifically, we watched Otome Yokai Zakuro. We'd been thinking about it for a while, because when Takahiro Sakurai did that guest post on the Final Fantasy blog, he (or they or somebody) listed like his entire resume, but what stood out the most were the items at the top of the list, because as far as we could tell, they weren't in chronological order, or alphabetical, which means they were listed in order of favorites, or what came to mind first (which would either be favorites or least favorites, obviously with the more recent ones first first). And first on the list was Polar Bear Cafe. But second on the list was Otome Yokai Zakuro.

That fact stuck in our minds for a while, partly because we wondered what would make it something Sakurai-san would put at the top of his resume, but also because, after thinking about it for a while, we realized that that might have been the point of contact between him and Nobuhiko Okamoto that would have gotten Okamoto-kun into the Koe no Ouji-sama ranks. We like to imagine scenarios about how those CDs come to be, and in all those scenarios, either Tomokazu Seki or Takahiro Sakurai is the ringleader. So now that we know Okamoto-kun was in something with Sakurai-san, and it was something Sakurai-san remembers well...

Anyway. Also, Anime Expo recently announced that the head writer on many titles, including Zakuro, was going to be a guest of honor this year. We still didn't bother watching the anime, because we were in the middle of watching a bunch of other stuff. But yesterday we had some free time, and we just felt like watching it, so we did! And we liked it much better now that we were actually paying attention to the first episode instead of trying to figure out who all the voices were. They're so obvious now, too.

But we're really liking it a lot, so we've been kind of marathoning it. We don't necessarily agree with their portrayal of twins, however. I mean, we can kind of overlook the, "He can tell us apart! He must be The One!" thing that shows up in pretty much any anime/manga with a set of twins as main supporting characters, but we get weary of the "obviously since they like all the same things there's not much point in giving each twin her own boyfriend" thing. That's not preventing us from considering cosplaying them, however. Especially if Yuuki Kaji (he plays their boy) comes to Anime Expo. Athena informs me one of our cosplay magazines has instructions on how to make a wig that replicates such gravity-defying hairstyles as theirs!

Today I'm thankful for finding time to watch Otome Yokai Zakuro, having finally finished eating all the sugar cookies from last week, the pretty flowers on our tree outside, having a good time playing Theatrhythm last night, and Otome Yokai Zakuro not being very long so we don't feel like we're committing overly much time to watching the whole series.
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