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They're coming!

We just got our shipping confirmation for the Weekenders DVDs! Yay! Actually, we remembered something else we remember from the Weekenders...a couple of things. When we were watching the Avengers, there was the scene with the eye. And immediately, the line comes to mind, "I can't stop thinking about my bare eyes!" We've almost adopted it as one of our own catchphrases, and it comes automatically, so when I'm thinking about the Weekenders, I don't think of that line, but when somebody says it, it reminds us of the Weekenders. It comes from the episode where Tino is being especially hypochondriacal.

Another thing I was reminded of! was...okay, so we get really sad when nobody says anything on Live Journal or Facebook, which is, like, all the time now. Okay, so people say stuff on Facebook, but there's usually not as much substance as we're hoping for. So if we check email and LJ and Facebook before turning off the computer for the night and there's nothing interesting, we go in search of other interesting things. Lately, the easiest source of entertainment has come from our own Live Journal. I'm not sure what that says about us, but it's the truth anyway. So we'll check all our sites, decide we're still bored, then come back to LJ, where we'll click on a random tag from our tags list and proceed to stay up way too late laughing at our own jokes.

Anyway. One of the tags we clicked on the other day was our "dangerous lost puppy" tag. That, too, is a reference to the Weekenders, and if you click on that tag, there will be a brief explanation of it somewhere on the page. I think it's under a cut, though. But the whole reason I even bring that up is...well, first it's awesome, and second, one of our dangerous lost puppy entries is about Labyrinth of Grimm! And so really this whole thing was just an introduction to one of the video games we pre-ordered yesterday morning. It's called Eikoku Something Something: Mysteria. It may seem like we can't possibly be that interested in the game if we didn't even bother to remember the full title, but we never did attach very much importance to names (as indicated by our references to Ouji Thing Thing Thing, Haruka Thing With the Really Long Name, and Trippy Trippy Jungle*).

So...we actually didn't read too much about it, because we want to be surprised! But it's by the creators of Labyrinth of Grimm, and we trust them (and we trust them even more after reading our own fangirlish posts about Labyrinth of Grimm). And what we do know is that it's a love sim, and all the date options are based on famous detectives. The timing was just so amazing, because we found out about it right around the time we're getting into old-fashioned English mysteries! We're guessing they're all English detectives, because Eikoku means England. So of course, there's Sherlock Holmes. We suspect there's also Moriarty and Watson. But no Columbo, because he's Italian-American. And this time, we haven't even looked into the cast at all! We like to guess. And I really don't have much of substance to say about it (for the aforementioned reasons), but we're really excited about it...and we're going to get it at the same time as Kingdom Hearts 1.5 remix, so...we'll see when we ever get around to playing it. But the brief glimpses we've had of the character designs are super cute!

Today I'm thankful for our Weekenders DVDs being on their way!, shiny new games to look forward to from Karin Entertainment, figuring out how to send photo album emails, getting to spend time reading today, and fun with abbreviations.

*Ouji to Majo to Himegimi to, Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de (Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time), and Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu, respectively.
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