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Busy days

These past two days have been busier than expected. It all started with choir practice yesterday. It kind of came out of nowhere. There we were in sacrament meeting, and suddenly they were announcing choir practice! So we went to choir practice, but then we didn't have a ride home. We walked to Mom's house...and nobody was home! That was a surprise, because their ward gets out before ours this year. But eventually Mom and Steve came home from their walk, and they invited us to stay for dinner.

Kimee joined us a little later, and we played Contact, which is a fun game that's complicated to explain. It's kind of like 20 Questions. Somebody thinks of a word and tells everybody the first letter of the word. Then people try to guess what it is by asking questions, but without asking, "Is it an apple?", for example, if the word starts with A. Instead, you ask, "Is it a fruit?" and if somebody else can guess what you're thinking, they say "Contact!" then the asker and the contacter count down from three, and say their guess. If they both guess the same thing, then the person who came up with the word has to give them the next letter (or if they guessed the word, then they win). But if the word thinker intercepts their guess and says (honestly), "It's not an apple," then nothing happens and people have to keep asking questions. We learned it at Home Evening Group and we thought it was fun, so we shared it, and everyone seemed to enjoy it pretty well.

After a spaghetti dinner, it was discovered that Kimee had not seen The Avengers, and so steps were taken to remedy that fact. After the third viewing, the big argument scene almost made perfect sense. But in the middle of the movie, right at the scene when Coulson was asking Captain America to sign his trading cards, there was a knock at the door, and we had a visit from the missionaries! We talked for a while, and then they shared a scripture from Abraham about...about...keeping your first estate! Right, that's what it was about. Basically, in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we believe that we all existed as spirits before we came to earth, and there was a big war in heaven where we all chose sides, and the people who chose Jesus's side got to come to earth and get physical bodies, and the people who chose Lucifer's side didn't. So everybody who's here on earth was on the same side at one point. And then the missionaries talked about inviting people to come see what our church is like, because that's what missionaries do.

The movie reminded Mom and Steve of an episode of The Big Bang Theory, so when the movie was over, they showed it to us, and it made us a little sad. It was the one where they were on their way to Bakersfield Comic Con, and their car got stolen while they were making a pit stop to take cosplay photos at Vasquez Rocks, so they had to walk into a restaurant in costume, and they were all embarrassed. We were severely disappointed in them, because we've walked into restaurants in costume, and if you walk in there with confidence, you don't have the whole restaurant laughing at you like they did in the show (because they walked in all, "I'm sorry, I know we're lame for wearing costumes..."). Sure, there are people who are going to laugh inwardly and think you're weird or a freak or something, but who cares what they think? They obviously don't know how to enjoy life. All I know is that when we saw people dressed as Jedi randomly walking around campus at BYU, we thought it was cool. And I think there are more people out there who think it's cool than not. Or at the very least, most people are probably too wrapped up in their own lives to care too much whatever you're wearing.

Then today, since everybody had the day off, we went bowling with everybody. Even Logan got to bowl! He was really eager to do it at first, but he got bored with it pretty quick, and started to entertain himself by looking for stray popcorn kernels in the bowling ball racks. ...So Mom had me buy him a small popcorn, and he was able to eat happily without freaking out all us grownups who know about germs. (Although he did threaten to pick up all the kernels that fell on the floor when he dropped them. I do mean threaten, too; at one point he even looked right at us like, "I'm gonna do it! I mean it!")

And now here we are! Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for getting to stop in for dinner at Mom's house yesterday, having a good time playing Contact with people, not being completely stranded after choir practice, getting to order some new video games this morning, and getting to go out with people today.
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