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Not a whole lot to post about today. I could mention that we got my D23 membership stuff in the mail yesterday and finally opened it up today. It had a certificate, a membership card, and a fancy pen. Oh yeah, and I guess it's not really that obvious, so maybe I should say that D23 is the official Disney fan club. We've known about it since it started, but back then they only had the one membership price, which was $75 a year, and included a subscription to a fancy magazine that we never would have gotten around to reading. Does that make us failures as Disney fans, not wanting to make the effort to read the magazine? It would have been really awkward to try to read it at the same time, and it would have been extra hard to find time for us to take turns reading it. And it would have had a lot of info on live action movies and Pixar films that we're less interested in. So we didn't want to bother, and that's why we got the silver membership, which doesn't include the magazine subscription. Oh right, and when the club first started we were very poor, which is another reason we didn't join.

Yet another reason we didn't join back when the club first started is that we have this thing against cliques, which this club was reminding us of. Not that they're that exclusive--they'll let in anybody, as long as they have enough money. (One of the benefits of being in the club is the opportunity to buy even more stuff!) And we thought it was all pretty silly, but we want to go to D23 Expo, and we're curious to see what kind of information D23 members have access to, so we decided to check it out. So far we're not really impressed, but they'll soon be selling tickets to tour Walt Disney Studios (for D23 members (+1 guest) only), and that seems like it could be awesome. We'll see if we decide to take advantage.

Today I'm thankful for having a good time watching anime today, Pizza Hut cheese sticks keeping better than we thought, getting to try the new pizza sliders, stuff happening in Tactics Ogre, and getting to sleep in this morning.
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