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We're sitting here waiting. It's what we do sometimes. Especially when we agreed to help with a Valentine's Day quest and we're almost the last stop on the quest and we don't know exactly when the quest started, or how long it's going to take.

Celeste is sending her boyfriend on a quest for the Valentine's gift she bought him, and originally the whole thing was supposed to start at six, but then, because it was a surprise I think, it turned out the boy has other plans, and so the quest has to be finished by the time those plans start. There is much eye-rolling going on right now, but we'll get over it, I think. We'd probably be less grumpy about it if we'd had more than two conversations with the boy in all the time Celeste has been dating him. It makes us nervous to have strangers in our home. And the emergency "we have to start NOW!!!" call came when Athena was in the middle of the last case in The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. Not good timing. (I was in the last chapter of Durarara!! 2, but that's all covered in the anime and it's all in Japanese, so... I don't know, it just wasn't as much of a problem.)

In the meantime...uh... Stuff? We went grocery shopping last night, and Mom and Steve went grocery shopping at the same time, so they bought us some molasses cookies. They had gotten brought up at dinner, because apparently Steve had some people over on Monday for a Family Home Evening, and he decided to have nostalgic snacks or something, and so they had molasses cookies as part of the refreshments. One of the people there was afraid to try them, and with our pickiness, it's always hard to imagine other people being afraid to try a dessert that doesn't have any fruit or nuts in it (because we're afraid to try everything else but have no problem with non-fruity, non-nutty desserts (sometimes even fruity desserts are okay)), so I made some kind of a comment, and so they bought us some molasses cookies. Tadah! We haven't tried them yet, but we have had molasses cookies in the past. All I remember is that they look like ginger snaps (and I remembered that before I saw the new ones). Maybe we'll go eat some while we wait for questing boyfriends.

Today I'm thankful for gifts of molasses cookies, cute little Valentine's chocolate boxes on sale for 98 cents, having finally decluttered the area around the piano, products that aren't made with palm oil, and the slide show gadget on our desktop.
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