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Here we go again

Oh my goodness, today. I'm almost better, with just a touch of illness left in my throat and nose...but now Athena's feeling something coming on. It's actually not that surprising; kind of cliche, actually. But super annoying. That's okay, though, because it's Friday and the work week was shot a long time ago, so today we just focused on lying down and drinking lots and lots of fluids. We're going to flush this thing out before it gets serious!

In the meantime, we finally finished watching Toradora!. I think we started watching it back the first time we both got sick, and I think we watched more of it when Athena got sick last month, so we thought maybe if we finished watching it we'd also finish being sick. We only had six episodes left, so it wasn't that much. We like the show a lot, too, so it's kind of a wonder we hadn't finished it yet. First we got distracted with Brighter Than the Dawning Blue, and once we've put something down long enough, it becomes hard to pick it back up again. Anyway, it's a great show, based on more novels from Dengeki...something... Anyway, we first got interested in it when Kyoya visited in 2009 and gave us each a mug--one from Gintama, and one from Toradora!. But at that point, the show wasn't available legally in the United States, so we put it off until we forgot about it. Then we found out it was licensed and thought about looking into it, but I think we were poor at the time, so we forgot about it again. We finally remembered it when we were browsing all the anime on Hulu. Then we got sick and it was the perfect opportunity to try a new series! Tadah!

And then we watched the latest episode of Chihayafuru, and were very annoyed that they stopped where they did, mostly because we weren't ready to stop watching it yet. Chihayafuru is like that. It makes you go, "What? Already? Nooo!"

So we watched Zetsuen no Tempest instead, and it did the same thing, only this time it really was more of a, "Seriously, you're going to stop there?" But that just figured, so. I don't even know exactly why we kept watching that show, because the first few episodes were...Athena says it was like, "The world is being destroyed, and we're the only two people in it, and it's really depressing, and we don't like color, by the way." So we kind of lost patience with it, but the main character Yoshino was too fascinating I guess, and he's played by Kouki Uchiyama, so... Then it finally got interesting right around the time everyone on the internets seemed to be saying, "This show has totally lost its purpose and all good storytelling ability. I don't know what's wrong with it. And it started out so good." And we were like, "...Huh?" I guess they wanted an apocalypse show, and we're happy with the romantic comedy. It's just like Hakaze says: It's a romantic comedy with the fate of the world at stake. And there's a lot more color now. That helps.

Today I'm thankful for finally getting to see the end of Toradora!, getting to watch more Chihayafuru, the big secret (that the audience knows) in Zetsuen no Tempest finally being revealed to the cast, having a couple of nice anime mugs from Kyoya, and our illness prevention seeming to be working.
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