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Doin' stuff. Sort of.

I'm mostly better today, and that means stuff is sort of happening! Hurray! But it's still only sort of. Like we went to Barnes & Noble (online) and bought some books. We each got a new journal, and oh my goodness journals are hard to shop for online. All we want is a pretty, inexpensive book filled with blank pages! But we're rather particular about what qualifies as pretty. Fortunately, we found one that we liked right off the bat, so after searching about fifteen more pages (of more than six thousand!), we went back to the first journal we found and looked at the "people who bought this product also bought..." pictures, and boom! Second journal.

We also wanted to get some books for our Disney Reading Project, and we have discovered that we're at the part where the books are hard to find. I wonder if it's because Disney movies from the 80's aren't as well-loved as the earlier ones, and so don't generate more book sales, and so the books go out of print...and stay there. Or maybe Walt Disney had a better eye for classics, and so picked books that were less likely to go out of print forever. Fortunately, they still had The Rescuers. If we're lucky, that one book contains the whole series (we didn't check the description, or we might know; all we wanted was a title and an author to be satisfied), because the Rescuers movie is apparently based on the first and second books in the series. But since the first book in the series has the same title as the series, we have hope.

The original book version of The Fox and the Hound seems to be most definitely Out of Print. We may have to actually find our way to the library for that one. But they did have a box set of the Prydain Chronicles, so we're set for the Black Cauldron.

We also looked into going to Wonder Con, because it's in Anaheim, and we like Anaheim. And conventions. But we're lazy, so action on that front is slow-going.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch more Cuticle Detective Inaba, still being able to buy the Prydain Chronicles (suddenly afraid for Basil of Baker Street, we checked the website, and sure enough: Out of Print), getting to watch all of Elephant Princess, being well enough to do stuff again, and finding pretty journals to buy.
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