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I definitely think I'm getting better, but I'm not a hundred percent yet. That being the case, not a whole lot new has happened since we posted yesterday. We're still watching Elephant Princess and playing Tactics Ogre, which is proving to be really hard. We watched the fourth Tinker Bell movie on Sunday, which I didn't post about because I didn't have the energy. Besides, our review of it is pretty much the same as the other Tinker Bell movies: there were some issues as far as world-building and continuity, but if you can overlook those, it's cute enough. The Blu-ray also had The Pixie Hollow Games series of shorts on it, which we would have really loved, because the science and the continuity all worked, but it seemed to be another one of those, "Hey girls, if you can just get over that horrible weakness of wanting to be feminine, you too can be a boy!" things, which I really wish they would stop making.

Today I'm thankful for having things to do while incapacitated, Page being super cute, cough drops, having a new episode of Castle to watch, and that episode of My Little Pony where Rarity rescues herself and maintains her femininity.
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