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The original plan for today involved a lot of different stuff. A little translating here, a little manga reading there, maybe some Sherlock Holmes and then music practice. Instead, we started a non-professional translation of 1001 Knights by Yukiru Sugisaki, got a little bit caught up in that, watched a bunch of anime, and then got absorbed in some articles on I have such mixed feelings about that site, because some of their articles are really fascinating, and some of them are really annoying.

But anyway, about this 1001 Knights series. It seems to be about Dark and Daisuke as twin brothers who have to go to Dubai to find their missing father who may or may not be Krad. (There are pictures of a mysterious figure; we don't know if he's the dad or not, but he reminds us of Krad.) Part of the reason we got caught up in it is that after our first translating session, almost nothing had really happened, so we were like, "We still don't really know what's going on with this thing." So we translated for another session, and we still don't really know what's going.

But the characters are fun, and that's the important thing. They're not really that much like Dark and Daisuke, but they are a little like Dark and Daisuke. They also remind us of Naoto and Naoya from Night Head Genesis. And they also remind us of Zack and Cody from Suite Life, only in this case the older brother is Cody, and in Suite Life, Zack is supposedly the older twin, and Wikipedia says that's true of the actors, too, but we have a hard time believing it, because once we met a woman who said, "Let me see if I can guess who's older!" and she was right! And she's right almost every time, because she's learned that logically, the one who came through the birth canal first will have a narrower face. But I digress. Anyway, Naito and Yuta even dress kind of like Zack and Cody.

There are a couple of parts in Knights where the "brotherly love" gets to be a little too suggestive, but it seems (so far) to be mostly fan service of the Hitachiin variety (only done by the author, without self-awareness on the part of the characters). Or one of the brothers will turn out to be the reincarnation of the other's old girlfriend or something. It's tough to say at this point in the story.

The maybe sad part about all this is that our manga plans involved reading more Missions of Love and more Warau Kanoko-sama. The manga was delivered last Friday but to the office and not to us, and since we had so much other stuff to do, we let it stay there until today when we went to the office to pay rent anyway. We should get to it tonight or tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for getting to read one of Yukiru Sugisaki's newest series, finally being all caught up on anime, getting to try caramel corn cookies (cookies with kettle corn in them; not my favorite in the world, but still pretty tasty), having paid the rent, and having a reliable ride to Thursday Night Activity tonight (meaning we should also have a ride home).
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